I went to carry my Ruger the other day, but when I got it out of the safe, I noticed that the magazine had rust on it.  Then I took a look at my gun and there was rust all over the barrel and inside.

It was stored in a safe with a felt cloth.  It was not wet when I stored.  I had carried it a couple days before, so it was not stored for very long.

Does anyone know what I did wrong?

My son cleaned it last night and the rust appears to mostly be gone, but I am concerned about shooting it.

Thoughts, ideas, help, suggestions???

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  1. Did you forget to oil it last time you cleaned it? I’d try putting moisture absorbers in the safe, like the ones you get in electronics. we have a gun cabinet and we have these in it because it’s so humid here in SC, but having taken a closer look at the ingredients I think I’ll probably just buy a bag of diatomaceous earth from the pool supply store and make little sachets next time we need some.

  2. Hi Enjay!! No, I didn’t forget to oil it. I do a fairly light oil, but I did oil. I Googled it and apparently it happens a bit with this gun. It is humid here, but it doesn’t make sense to me that, that is the issue, but I think I will get some of the moisture absorbers you suggested. Can’t hurt. Thanks!!

  3. We have desiccants for hearing aids, which are pretty much the same thing. I’ve also heard you can use flower drying desiccants from a craft store like Michael’s or JoAnn’s. Cheaper than Dirt also has a ton of them as well online.

    You have the Ruger LCR, right? I am thinking of getting that one but in .357 for my personal carry.

    • Personally i like the LCR better than the LCP, seems a little more accurate and is more comfortable – but then again i’m a revolver kind of guy to begin with. My wife on the other hand picked the LCR in 38 as her first gun and essentially told me to sell it after she shot it the first time (couldn’t handle the recoil) and decided that the m9 i had ordered for my self was going to be hers (and it is to this day lol) – However with my wanting a backup for my ruger gp100 (357) i’ll most likely end up with either the LCR or a small charter arms revolver when i can get the money together.

  4. Andrea, I have never been a fan of the revolver, but I can’t figure out why. Maybe I need to shoot it more.

    What do you like about the Ruger LCR?

  5. This is an old post, so sorry if you’ve solved this issue. I use inexpensive bulk desiccant from a hardware store (Sta-Dri works fine) in the safe and never had a problem. I wipe stored firearms down with Gunzilla, which is a non-hazardous cleaner, lube, and protectant that actually displaces water from the metal and leaves a protective, lubricating residue when it dries. I put firearms away with a light coating that lasts. I do my mother-in-law’s firearms about every two years when I see her and have never had an issue.

    FWIW, I also use Gunzilla to clean and lube my carry pistols. I like Otis Special Forces lube even better because it’s a dry lube that dries in a few minutes, but the newer formulation has a lingering odor.

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