Day 4

Saturday was, to most people, a gorgeous day.  Sunny, 82 degrees with a cool breeze.

For me, it was a tiny bit chilly.

The good news is that is gave me an opportunity to show a different way that I conceal.

We did not do much today.  We had plans to go to the place with the mouse who is named Chucky and he has an affinity for, you know, cheese, but someone and I will not say who, ok it was me, didn’t plan ahead and the place was packed.

We did not go in.  We left with a promise to my daughter that we would return later in the week when it was much calmer.  She was fine with this because I offered to take her to the place where there is a king and his-have-it-your-way-burgers.

My kids get way excited about this because I don’t let them eat fast food often. Really, I don’t.

We have eaten at Yellow M(brownie points if you know what that is), from time to time, but that is a treat.  Until about a month ago, they had never eaten at the place with the king.

Anywhoooooooooooooooo, on this very exciting adventure, I wore my Glock in that ever popular Crossbreed holster.

I wore my regular jeans and a T-shirt.  You can’t see it, but the shirt says “FIGHT LIKE A GIRL”  It’s written in pink with boxing gloves.  A few months back, if I had seen someone walking down the street with such a shirt on, I probably would have had an hour long lecture, umm discussion with my kids, on how we don’t fight and it’s not nice to hit people, but that was then and this is NOW!

Getting ready to leave and was “forced” to hold the baby.

 Yes, that is a Glock under there and no you really can’t see it.  That shirt is a small.

 Yep, still there.

Leaving the king of burgers joint.  It was cold to me in there, so I put on a lightweight spring jacket.

I am telling you, it is a myth that a girl has to dress like she is a guy if she wants to carry a gun bigger than a deck of cards.  Perhaps a full size Glock or 1911 would require more finesse, but I would venture to guess, most ladies are not carrying those as their everyday conceal.  Not that they don’t or that they shouldn’t or couldn’t, just that, in my very limited experience, those have not been the choice I have seen for gals and conceal carry.

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. I have found that for me anyway a lower rise pair of jeans or slacks work best. I am kinda ( well a lot) hippy ( not the cool 60’s type either) so I find that the lower waist tends to hide any extra bulge from the pistol. I have also found that I personally need a slightly heavier cover shirt/ jacket/sweater – for some reason if I lift my arms up or reach out my shirts tend to snag on the butt of the gun. You can’t really see the gun but you know something is there. This is where I have found long camisoles or tanks come in handy – at least if my shirt does ride up the cami will cover the gun up and allow my shirt to fall back down without hanging. I am hoping a new holster will also smooth this out.

  2. Right now I’m working with a leather owb galco, still waiting on my crossbreed supertuck to arrive. It does a fair job of hiding, but I’ve discovered that wearing woven fabrics instead of knits helps, as does a little starch.

  3. Heh-you sound like you could be from AZ. We all start commenting on how “chilly” it is when it gets into the 70’s. Of course, this time of year, everyone has the a/c blasting, so even though it’s well over 100 degrees outside, it’s FREEZING inside. I think I could pull off some light cover garments in the summer as long as I don’t have to be outside too much. I’ll probably only be able to carry on the weekends, since my job expressly prohibits carrying while at work, and since I can’t see my car in either parking lot, I am not 100% comfortable leaving it in the car. But I am getting getting the Crossbreed, whenever I do find my EDC 🙂 These are great posts-thanks!

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