Girls and Guns

Today on the NRA Facebook site the people who post put a link to an article about Woman and Guns and how more woman are purchasing firearms.

One person posted something like, Oh no, woman and guns don’t mix!!

Now, I have no idea if this person was joking or being sarcastic, but it got me thinking.

Being new to guns and the gun world, I have no idea what the history of woman and firearms is, but I assume it is like most thinks involving history and woman…highly under rated.

I would guess the vast majority of gun owners are responsible members of society and take their rights as guns owners quite seriously and I bet this is across the genders.

I am a woman and I am girly and I quite small in term of weight, and I have been most fortuante to be taught exclusively, thus far, by men.(when I say taught, I mean in person.  I have learned much from the writings and videos of various women)

The men who are teaching me are kind and patient and not the least bit arrogant.  It is their skill and time and expertise that is teaching me to be confident and strong and a pretty darn good shot.

I would say if there is any doubt about a woman’s ability to preform, it is largly misguided, but I also believe that it is the responsiblity of those who can to teach, so if you can, stop making generalizations and use what you kow to educate and train someone who doesn’t know.

Self defense is not limited to the select few.  It is a right that should be afford to all of us and the best way to stop the bad guys is to join together and do everything we can to train, to edify, to support, and to encourage each other and not to ever, limit!

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