Avoid Stupid

or in my case, “Avoid” being stupid.

Yesterday, I was running late after work and I had to stop by the store before I went home.  I work where I can not take my gun.  Seriously, can not, so usually when I get in my car I put it on or at the very least get it out of the locked glove compartment and load it up, but yesterday I thought, ugg, it’s just a quick pop into the store, so do I really need to put this thing on??

I must mention that it was the first beautiful day we had, had in forever and I was feeling kind of cute.  I am by no means a beauty queen, but I work hard on being fit and healthy and I like being light.  I like shorts, a little tank top and some girly sandals, but that doesn’t really work when you have a sub-compact semi auto strapped to your hip,soooooooooooo sometimes, I actually think, hey I am cute, lets just leave the piece behind today.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I am driving and driving and for some reason I am nagged by the fact that I am not wearing my gun.  I keep thinking about my mind and preparing it and remember all I have learned and the voices won’t go away, so at a stop light, I grab her and put her on.

I get to the store, the same store that “the incident” happened and as I am pulling in a car is pulling out.  We are doing this at the same time, so he has to stop and pull slightly back into his spot.  No biggie.  I am in my car for a few extra seconds because I am checking my holster and being sure that I am secure.  I notice he is not only still in his parking spot, but he is starring at me and not trying to hide it.  Again, no big deal.  The parking lot is packed, people every where, I get out and go into the store.

I come out and I notice he has moved his car to other side of my car and he is looking at me.  Now, I am a bit more alert, but I continue on to my car, get in and drive off.  I watch my mirrors all the way home to see if anyone is following me and they are not.

Nothing happened, but as I relayed the story to my husband, I thought…STUPID!!  On every single level, STUPID!

First, God must be thinking geez woman, how many times do I have to teach you the same lesson???  Wear your gun!!

Second, why did I go back to my car?  I have read this or heard this a million times.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t and don’t go there.

Third, why do I keep going back to that grocery store??

This brain of mine, it needs a lot of work.