A Girl’s New Best Friend

For some women, diamonds fit the best friend role, but for me, it’s not even close.

Ok, maybe close.  Not that I have wardrobe full of diamonds, but I have had my eye on a pretty little bobble for sometime.  Of course time and money being what they are, I have yet to make her mine.

In the mean time, I found a new love and life being what it is, a choice has to be made.

I went from having no guns at all to having 3 in span of about 2 weeks.   Really, I don’t need another one, but I can’t seem to convince my heart of that fact.

I started out wanting “A” gun for protection, but as I learned more about guns, I started to appreciate them on their own for their uniqueness and their history.  I went from seeing them as cold hard  pieces of steel(or in the case of my Glock, plastic) to works of art.

I am not sure if there is such a thing as a cliche gun, but it would appear that everyone who knows guns, loves the 1911 and I am no exception.  Each time I read an article or watch a video review or see one at a gun show, my heart gives a little flutter.

So,  I think I will starting hinting around for my Christmas present now.

3 thoughts on “A Girl’s New Best Friend

  1. You have fallen hard if you are now a 1911 fan:) I know this is an old post but the open letter had me more then wondering more about you. I live in berks county PA and am not that far from you. I read alot about you wanting to be “cute” and thinking the gun has to be black or chrome or even traditional. Check into dura coat and have your gun any color/colors you want. I may be a man but I am strange and that’s why I’m having a gun done up in cheetha print slide and a different color frame. Custom gun finishes in cumbloa PA can help you if you want some “flare” Read up on duracoat if you haven’t already. Love your blog and firearms saved my life too but not in any defense way , in a mental way and has allowed me to focus better and put me on a quest to be a balanced human.

  2. And now for another comment on a really old post… Did you ever get a 1911? I just shifted from Sig to a 1911 as my CC gun, and just wanted to pass on my recommendation to take a look at the Desert Eagle 1911 if you’re still shopping.

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