PTSD- A Marine’s Story

I think for a lot of people it is hard to explain war and even more so perhaps what it is like to come home from it. Neither Phil or I have spoke much about the year that followed his return from Iraq, but I think it surprised us both how challenging it was.

He was certainly a different person and while he healed fairly quickly he never did return to the same carefree, light-hearted boy he was before.

My husband did not suffer this kind of distress and for us, the major issues were dealt with pretty much in a year or two, but this Marine’s story is powerful.

Extremely well written. I honestly believe it is worth your time to read.

He has a blog.

4 thoughts on “PTSD- A Marine’s Story

  1. A Girl,

    PTSD is something so many of our soldiers come back after dealing with a traumatic ordeal involving physical harm. This is a serious problem for not just soldiers but also victims of crime or serious physical harm.
    I’ve read The Marines blog, it touches my heart. There are so many soldiers who have come back from war who have not been diagnosed and are suffering. We need more educated medical staff available who are experienced with PTSD to help our soldiers.

  2. It is something that happens in every war, and thankfully folks like LT Haag are able to get treatment now. Sadly, this IS a product of the up close ground war and so many do not understand that 99% of the participants really do not want to kill another human being…

  3. For some time now I have been pondering this PTSD thing and why there are these problems. Looking back to WW2 as well as WW1, not to mention the Civil war…..there was what was called Battle Fatigue. It seems to me this PTSD thing is not at all the same. Now, I have 16 years of service in back of me and while none of it was combat there were incidents of death and injury. My service started over 50 years ago…and peoples ideas and ideals were a lot different. Going back to the Viet Nam war to the present it strikes me that our society has changed…a lot. Today we have become more sensitive than we were 50 years ago. Frankly, I believe we have become to sensitive. I have relatives that came back in pieces from WW2….none of them displayed what is now called PTSD. I blame a lot of this not on our military personel but on what has been happening to our schools. Look at what is being taught about being bullied….some kid that gets bullied and finally has had enough and cleans the bullies clock. What happens? The damm school penalizes the kid that was bullied. That… pure and unadulterated Bull Shit!!! I could go on and on….but I think you see my point. We as a country as well as a society are slowly but surely being made soft!


    • I do not see your point and I disagree that those that fought in previous wars did not suffer from the effects of what they saw and did and I strongly disagree that PTSD is born out of weakness.

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