Addition To My EDC

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase a back-up battery for my cell phone. I am pretty obsessive about keeping my gas tank full(actually my husband is) and keeping my cell phone charged, but there are times when the phone has been roaming and has used up way more battery than I had planned. For that reason I felt a back up plan was a good idea.

I purchased a Halo Pocket Power with flashlight. The company claims that once the Halo charger is charged, if not used, it will hold a charge for up to a year. I have had mine a few weeks, so gonna have to get back to you on that.

Here is what you get for $29.97 plus shipping(mine is from QVC)…


A small carry case, two adapters to fit either an iphone or android type device, and a connector piece to charge Halo from a computer.

The first thing I did was plug the Halo into my computer and charge it. To charge it the first time it took about an hour. Then I left my cell phone run almost all the down to zero and used the Halo to charge it back up. To charge my cell phone to capacity it took 40 minutes, but I was able to use all the features on my phone immediately as it was charging and after the phone was fully charged, the Halo still had charge left.

The device is small, fairly inexpensive, handy and I think I very good fit to my everyday carry bag.  I bought two more. One for TSM and one for the teenager. If you watched my first video on my new Maxpedition Bag you saw the bag has a spot for a cell phone, but I keep my cell phone on my body leaving that pocket empty.That spot is perfect for the charger!!

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  1. Outstanding advice. As a father, I have tried hard to get my daughters to understand that a gas tank below 1/4 or a cell phone battery that is dead or needing a charge is a safety violation and it puts them in danger. It has taken me years, but I have come to the following conclusion……….have only sons.

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