My daughter M, who will be 15 on Sunday was talking to me about one of her friends. I like this friend very much. She is a nice girl, but like many young girls, she is searching for her place in the world.

This friend was asked to prom by a boy a few weeks ago. Prom is this Sunday. Last night this sweet girl texted M and asked her how to by a boutonniere. M didn’t know, so she asked me. Together we walked through the process and got one ordered. I wondered why the girl’s parents didn’t help. I do not think M would appreciate me sharing the conversation, so we will skip that part.

Today M told me about her glutes being sore. She started a new workout. She told me that she likes being healthy, but she could careless about being thin.

This same friend cares very much about being thin. Her mom think that for her height, 120 pounds is the ideal weight. So much so that she will have a 20 minute discussion with herself about eating a cracker.

Friend- I want to eat the cracker, but I don’t want to. I am hungry, but do I need it??

M- Eat the cracker or put it away, but lets not waste our night trying to figure it out.

This conversation between M and me took place on the way to the store today to buy toilet paper(I have TP, but there was a sale:). I use the term conversation loosely. I didn’t say a word. I listened.

Eventually M says, “She does not have an eating disorder, but she eats disorderly.”

That is the quote.

How many of us do not have a “disorder”. but we do things disorderly…

What a very insightful thing for a 15 year old to say.

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  1. A Girl,

    Please pass a big Happy Birthday wish to M for me. Turning 16, she’s growing up fast Mom!!!! I must compliment you, as a parent you listening to your daughter and take time to answer her questions. Most parents now a days don’t take the time to stop and really listen. This maybe the problem with M’s girl friends parents, that is why she didn’t have her Mom help purchase a boutonniere. Also, if a child is having a conversation with herself for 20 minutes about a cracker. I wonder if she’s hounded at home about her weight because she has to meet Mom’s ideal weight?

    • Thank you Sandy!! She will only be 15 this year, but she is growing up quickly and becoming a fine young lady.

  2. Very insightful! And happy birthday to her.
    Disorderly indeed. I worry about a child thinking so heavily about a cracker.

    • Thank you. I shutter too. I am amazed at much of the things my daughter shares with me about the world around her.

  3. Interesting how teens look at the world. A different way of saying things. But VERY perceptive. There is something very right about your daughter, be a proud mom.

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