Life With Kids

E brought down a Nerf gun from her room and said, “Mom if this was a real, I would keep my finger off the trigger, check and be sure it was empty and point it in a safe direction. That would be safe right?’

She is standing in my kitchen with a toy gun so I say “Yeah”.

Then she says, “But, it is not a real gun, so is it OK to point it at people and shoot?”

“Yes, that is why mommy and daddy bought it.”

E- “Well. The Boy (that is her 7-year-old brother. She nick named him The Boy) shot the dog and that is wrong.”

Me- “Wow, that was a roundabout way to tattle on your brother.”

The Boy standing next to her with a look of oh-crap-I-am-in-big-trouble and staring at me with puppy dog eyes.

Me- “Boy, do not shoot the dog.”

He skips off smiling and E looks a little deflated.

I have to say kind of out of character for E, but also kind of funny.

5 thoughts on “Life With Kids

  1. AGirl, I love these little snipets of interactions with your kids. My youngest are in their mid 30s and these bring back fond memories. All of mine would put forth an amazing amount of effort to help or protect each other, then turn around and put the same effort into getting each other in trouble.
    Thanks for sharing.

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