Thank You From Lynda Duke

Thank you!

As I sit here and reflect on this journey, never did I realize there would be so many people who I don’t even know helping me along.  Not just the ones donating gifts and training but also gifts of encouragement.

Due to AGirl’s amazing kindness and giving the opportunity for women like me to win a contest with such amazing prizes I will forever be grateful and wanted to take this time to thank all the people who were SO kind to donate their time, money and gifts.

Thank you!!
Kathy Jackson
Lynne Finch
The Gun Goddess
George Lyon
Michael’s Custom Holsters
Ronin Tactical Concepts
Two anonymous donors

6 thoughts on “Thank You From Lynda Duke

  1. Lynda, I’m positive that you were meant to win the contest/gun…divine providence! You seem like a ‘class act’ and a total sweetheart….enjoy this new journey in being a strong, 2nd amendment loving, sister in arms!
    Blessings to you & your family,
    Sue 🙂

  2. And you’ve just discovered what separates the gunny world from the anti-gun crowd (other than their stance on firearms in general). One goes out of their way to help others grow, learn, equip, and gain freedom. The other goes out of their way to victimize, drag down, and keep people living in fear, doubt, and loathing. Welcome to the Gunny World!

    • Old NFO, and helping out you will be doing for sure. I will get to use your donation of ammo in my training class with Kathy Jackson 🙂

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