Saving Lives And Taking Names

I happen to be one of those EMT’s(I know not yet but almost) that just has life saving after life saving opportunities drop in my lap.

IMG_0283First, I found this young gal apparently having some kind of deadly laugh attack, then


this sweet thing appeared to be choking. She didn’t seem to think I was helping much.

Finally, I saw a man in desperate need of CPR. It was an exceptional case, so I opted for mouth to mouth.


Later that same evening I went to the rescue squad to run an overnight shift…not a single call.

Yeah people no worries I’m on the job!


23 thoughts on “Saving Lives And Taking Names

  1. Good for you and TSM. Now that you’re on a role go ahead and enroll in the first available Paramedic Class you can get in to. With the EMT-B and Paramedic training and certifications behind you, as well as your prior B.S. and A.A.S. degrees RN and NP will be no big thing. Then you can go for a Life Flight Nurse position.

    • Lol, well we are going onto paramedic for sure. Would love to do the flight thing, but our guys say it takes years and years and I am already up there is age, but who knows:)

  2. Shocking!!! All your determination and preperation to aid and assist the members of your community and yet you allow such dire problems to occur in your own home.
    So glad everyone was able to survive.

  3. Lol!! Your family is so very cooperative with helping you learn new skills. But I bet you have already practiced the mouth to mouth on TSM before.

  4. Well, you saved at least 2 lives and provided tons of laughs! Not a bad night at all! (Really? no old grannies needing their blood pressure checked/the remote reprogrammed? dang, those are the best calls! Hope you get one of those soon!)

    Oh, and that guy you gave mouth to mouth? Uh HUH!!!!! I can see why you did it without the masky-thingy that just gets in the way of a good time!

    • It is possible I might have been on a few public service calls. I am very popular with the over 60 crowd. Truly, they love me:)

      Your support is amazing! Thank you!

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