A Big Thank You

Most of you know that for the past 6 months TSM and I have been enrolled in an EMT-B class. The class required us to be in class every Monday and Wednesday night from 7-10pm and every other Saturday from 9am-5pm. On the Saturdays we were not in class I was riding the ambulance and if not then studying. I studied a lot!

I absolutely wanted to pass the class and the tests, but even more I wanted to learn. I truly want to be able to posses the knowledge and skills I will need to serve the folks of my community well.

To volunteer is an EMT is a huge time commitment(and a decent chunk of money) and there is no way TSM and I could have done it without the support and sacrifice of our family.

We have 3 small kids who adore us(not bragging, just true). they missed us, but every time we went off to class they said good luck and I am proud of you. They didn’t act up or get snotty or make us feel like a guilty(Occasionally I did anyway ). That is pretty impressive.

M stepped up like a champ. She helped me get the little kids homework done before I had to leave for class. She picked up extra reading time with them. She helped make meals and was 100% joyful as she did it. A 14 year old, doing extra work without being asked with a smile just to help me and her dad…amazing!

My son and daughter-in-law came over every single Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to take care of the kiddos. They even spent the night when we had overnight shifts at the rescue squad. They have their own lives with a baby and jobs and yet never, not once did they complain about being tired or inconvenienced. They were happy to help out and were actually excited to be supporting us in a goal we had.

Out instructors and fellow classmates were unbelievable. Kind, supportive, helpful…

There is no way we could have completed the class without the most amazing people standing with us. I am feeling very blessed today!!

As an aside I just found out this morning that I passed all 3 of the state practical exams and now am eligible to take the written. Once I take and pass that, I will be a full fledged EMT!!!  I was voted in as a member of my local rescue squad, have my key and uniform, so the next time I run I will look like I belong!!

TSM’s test results are not in yet, but hopefully he will know by tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed for him! The testing was nerve racking to say the least. I am sure he wasn’t rattled as he is very calm, cool and collected most all the time.

Blogging will still be light and I apologize. I truly do miss the connection with all of you, but I need to focus on my written test(I am confident though:) and also getting through my precepting period.

So, once again…THANK YOU to my family. I think you know how valuable you are to me, how much I appreciate and love you all!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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    • HIPPA rules prohibit that, pretty much……..

      …which makes haveng a spouse on the squad a bonus- you can talk about the calls with them…… my wif hates that I can not tell her what happened, and I can’t vent at home……

      Good on you for volunteering …… it takes a special kind of person to do it ……. I’ve been hit, puked on, bit in the butt by a yappy dog, seen terrible things, stupid things …… helped people that really needed a swift kick in the pants, and sometimes couldn’t help people I desperately wanted to ….. and will not quit. The times you do some good are just priceless ……

  1. Well done! Working EMS will be challenging, frustrating, rewarding, boring (frequently), and ever so often very exciting and even scary. Do your best. There’s patients who will live who shouldn’t, and there’s patients who will die who shouldn’t – we actually do very little, but support them and care for them for the short time they are with us. Don’t overly personalize the job, but give it as much of your heart and compassion as you can. And always remember the first thing your do, EVERYTIME, is to ensure the “scene is safe.”

  2. Outstanding!!!! I wish nothing but the best for you and yours. What you have embarked on is truly a labor of love for your fellow man


  3. Congratulations!
    No need to apologize! You are to be commended for voluntarily choosing to serve the community. Without gov’t coersion!
    How cool is that?


  4. As a long-time former paramedic, let me congratulate you and remind you of an essential skill for the test and the street: The proper method of giving an exasperated sigh and rolling your eyes as you exclaim to your patients “You called 911 for THAT?”

    And remember the ABCs–Ambulate Before Carry. As in: “HI. Are you having any chest pains? Any trouble breathing? No? OK then, let’s just walk right outside to the ambulance.”

  5. Congratulations to the both of you!!!

    Being and EMT and having the certifications means the world to helping family and friends. This experience is worth gold!!!

  6. Congrats and good luck on the written test.

    Know what you mean about not blogging. I’m knee deep right now.

    Glad to hear things are going well.

  7. Congratulations to ALL of you. You are all to be commended for working together to reach this worthwhile goal.

  8. Congrats! Super proud of you 🙂

    But, go ahead, admit it – it was those 65 “rules” I sent you that helped you through, wasn’t it?

    Seriously, great job.

  9. Congratulations all around!! But I have to say I never doubted for a minute.Anyone who puts their all into things like you do,is bound to sttudy hard and pass any test.And don’t have any regrets about your blog-do the important stuff first,and we’ll be here later to read all about it ,when you get a chance.
    Keep striving!

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