Some Things To Think About

I am under educated and under aware of all that I should know, need to know about the government and all that has led us to this point.

I paid attention in school, I have read a lot of books over the years, I have always watched the news and had discussions with folks about the economy, those in charge of our country and events taking place in the world, but I did so with a naive and skewed view. Until recently, very recently, I never saw the world or this country in the light I should have.

One night at dinner, I told my husband I felt like a radical crazy gun nut because I had actually thought more than once that I might have to stand up against my government .I told him I get physically sick to my stomach when I think about all those that fought and died for the principals this country was founded on and I didn’t want those deaths to be in vain. I got sick thinking about the world I was leaving my kids. How can I let this happen? How could I do nothing to?

My husband said, “Are you listening to yourself?” “You feel like a radical for even having the audacity to think about taking a stand for your country?” “For believing with everything inside you that what this country was founded on, is WORTH fighting for?” “You are not radical, your awake!”

My husband is not one to think we are at the brink of a civil war or even close to it, but he is clear in his mind what he will do, what he will not do. Unlike me, he doesn’t spend a lot of time or anytime really thinking about these things because he doesn’t care. Regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen he knows where his line in the sand is and he has a plan.

One thing he knows is that war is hell. Not the slogan, “War is hell”, but that war is actually hell. He has witnessed civil wars with boots on the ground and he has spent time in countries with unstable governments and it is horrific. Any romantic views of what this country will be like during or after a civil war are pure bullshit. He has told me time and time again, those that say they are willing to die for their country, for their beliefs, for their arms, better mean it because most likely they will and death might be the preferred outcome. Those that live through it suffer… severely.

My husband has already put himself in that situation, so he knows how he will react. He has no illusions of what battle is and honestly he was not a fan.

I am still figuring a lot of things out and I don’t know how I feel or think about a many of them, but I do know that regardless of the gun ban issue(which I am crystal clear on how I feel), this country is in deep doodoo and if more people do not wake up and start to fight back now, then my radical thoughts just might be our only answer.

This is not just a gun issue. People have to have the courage to open their eyes and see the facts, see what is happening. We have a lot more to lose if we continue down this path.

“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry is own weight, this is a frightening prospect.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 



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25 thoughts on “Some Things To Think About

  1. As in the movie The Matrix- some people are just to entrenched in their version of reality to wake up. Even when it’s all falling down around them, they won’t see the truth.
    We are in for a very very bumpy ride I’m afraid.

  2. The real trouble isn’t even “versions of reality” The trouble is that too many will choose comfortable self-delusion over uncomfortable reality, despite ample evidence that reality wins every single time.

    I’ve debated proposing the following scenario to anti-gunners, just as a thought experiment: Suppose all American gun owners agreed to put their guns in escrow for a period of 12 months, and if the violent crime rate didn’t drop to zero during that time, you agreed at the end of 12 months to release all the guns from escrow, repeal all Federal, State and local, and to make Vermont-model permit-less concealed carry the law of the land nationwide. Are you sure enough that gun control will do what you think it will to make that bet?

    I’ve not done this thought experiment, but I bet I wouldn’t have many takers. Even the gun control advocates KNOW, if they’re honest with themselves, that gun laws affect the law abiding and don’t affect criminals, and that this whole fight is all about power and control. At this point, the battle is being waged in the media, in the Congress, and in the courts. God help us all if the battle moves to our streets and homes.

    • That is true for many of the anti gun people. Especially the ones very involved in taking the guns, but many folks really are just asleep. many do not know that they are. Many think, like I did, that I was up on the issues. Some people honestly are not aware and they need to be!

      • I agree with you. But I think that those who are actively anti-gun can’t say they were “simply unaware”, because taking a position on the issue requires being aware. Does that make sense?

        The anti-gun crowd knows there’s no data to support their beliefs. They know that disarming law abiding citizens won’t reduce violence in our country. They know that 2/3 or more of “gun violence” is criminals and gang members shooting each other. They know that accidental handgun deaths are at their lowest level since 1903. And they don’t care.

        • 100% agree. The active anti gun crowd absolutely know and they ignore, bury and lie about the facts for their own agenda.

  3. Well said, and those, like TSM, who have seen the elephant DO NOT want to repeat that experience… Having said that, since most liberals have never heard a shot fired in anger, they have NO fear of the elephant… Good links too!

  4. Wow…what a great post!!!! Personally I believe we were flushed down the tubes a long time ago. Look at what is being taught (pushed, literally) in most of our colleges….couple that to what is being taught in our high schools and grade schools. In short, it is my firm belief that most of our young adults (20 to 40 year olds) have absolutely no guts! We as a nation have been brainwashed to accept whatever our so called leaders push at us. Talking the talk, about standing up for our rights is one thing. How many are actually walking the walk? As for people waking up….alas….I have that problem in my own family. Know what? I have tried and tried to get them to pull their head out of the sand. Nope…ain’t gonna happen, not in a million years. So….I have simply written them off. Period. When the shtf…and it will….they are on thier own. In short….when that time comes….and no..I do not have a crystal ball…..I will do one of two things….IF….this goobermint does get its head screwed on straight (I really have my doubts on that happening) fine. If not, then I can turn into Josie Wales real quick. It was said back in the war of 1812, when Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem and he and another fellow went aboard this British ship to see about an exchange of prisoners….when the commanding officer told them he could not understand the Americans….they were near defeat yet they kept on fighting…Keys said Americans would rather die on their feet rather than live on their knees. Look at the events at the Alamo….. I could go on and on…..Yes, war is hell…..bit in the end, it may be all that we have left to us. ‘Nuff said….

  5. Agree with all of the above, except for Tammy’s thought-experiment. It sounds like a good, thought-provoking question to ask anti-gunners, but its built upon a false-premise to begin with. Say we gunnies were to give up our firearms for 12 months. We all know that gun violence is not going to drop to zero, since criminals (by definition) are not going to play by the rules. The problem is, at the end of the 12-month period, you’re assuming that the anti’s will give back our firearms. Considering how blatantly they lie already, twisting facts and statistics and building their house of cards upon nothing more than emotion and knee-jerk reactions…once they get their paws on every law-abiding citizens’ firearms, there is NO WAY IN HELL they’re ever going to let them go, no matter how bad things turn out. So, in a way, this whole thought process can be used as a litmus test for the sincerity of the anti….if they claim they will gladly hand back our itemized and listed firearms, ammo, and ancillary equipment, then that person is a blatant liar and not to be trusted. Period.

    Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on the issue. Education is always the key, learning as much as we can to be informed on as many of the issues as possible, and not just those related to the 2nd Amendment. Because my guess is, if you start digging a little bit, you’ll find that the rest are being slowly eroded (for instance, are there any pro-gun members of Biden’s little council on gun control? No? We’re being denied our right to speak up on an issue that directly affects us? Hmm….1st Amendment stuff there.), and as soon as the 2nd is gone, it’ll be just like the levees under Katrina. Do I think its going to devolve into another Civil War? I certainly hope not. But I still fear for my daughter’s future, what sort of country we’re leaving her.

    • Sure an experiment as a thought provoking discussion is fine, but I am not giving up my guns for any reason, not even to prove a point. Even if I knew after 12 months I would get them back…NO! I thought it was a good point she made though in terms of showing their hypocrisy.

    • Oh, I wasn’t suggesting actually DOING what I proposed. Merely a thought experiment to test whether the anti-gunners were really sincere about their beliefs – because if they were, they’d agree to such a deal in a heartbeat knowing they’d be proven right.

      That’s also why I suggested, even for my thought experiment, that the guns go into an escrow that isn’t controlled by the anti-gunners. But I would never actually DO this in the real world, for precisely the reason you both mentioned: Taking things away happens much more easily than giving them back.

      But the essential nature of a thought experiment is that it’s merely an intellectual exercise in words, not something we’d implement in the real world.

      • LOL That’s what I get for reading stuff before the coffee kicks in. My bad! But yeah, I agree with your real-world response, there’s no way I’m giving up any of my firearms. Were Jesus Christ Himself to appear in my livingroom and ask for them, I’d probably take Him to the range for an afternoon of blasty goodness before sitting down over a large meatlovers’ pizza to discuss the issue.

  6. In a total recall, Obama would not be harmed due to his armed secret service. None of those in congress would be harmed for the same reason.

    Only citizens and police officers would be harmed.

    And if ONE FAMILY is killed because they resisted, the news report videos would be shown 24/7.

    “Resistance is futile” would be broadcasted constantly.

    It would not end well, and those of us left alive would be killed by looters illegally carrying unregistered guns.

  7. Just tonight I was talking with my 8yo little girl. I was explaining to her about how most people don’t even know what goes on around them, and that it’s possible that they just cannot “handle” knowing the truth…

  8. Excellent Post My Dear Friend. Americans need to be totally aware.
    Wake up and smell the roses!!!

  9. You know I sometimes wonder how my grandparents made it through all that they did. I mean they saw America brought to her knees economically. They say WWII up close & personal. They entered a fight with enemies that were better trained & experienced then they were. Our first forays into the war were not successful, but we prevailed. The Germans & Japanese both thought Americans vapid, self absorbed & culturally deranged, weak, if not outright inferior. But we won.

    You’re husband has it right. He knows what is right & would prefer it not to come to that, but he is ready. That’s the spirit of what makes us Americans whether it’s fighting the Kaiser, Hitler or the British. Or regrettably our own government. It’s here & places throughout the Internet where that spirit still lives.

    I often wonder if this is the price we collectively pay for having it so easy these past 5 to 6 decades. Or maybe the tree of liberty truly does need watering & we’ve been remiss…

  10. “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

    Quick, name that tune…

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