A Gift

One of the presents I received for Christmas was a beautiful collage and lots of family pictures to fill it with.

We had scheduled a photo session with our photographer friend, but due to The Boy getting hurt we had to cancel and then due to a series of unfortunate events, we were not able to reschedule  I was bummed.

Unbeknownst to me, my oldest son and his wife secretly had a photo session with the young kids while I was running an over night EMT shift.
Family 114


Beautiful A

Family 119

E”s got personality.

Family 138

A, The Boy and E

Family 154 Family 169 Family 195

That’s our pup Wesson causing trouble.

Family 221 Family 286The future of America…

Family 657

I was so surprised and touched. Do I have great(and super cute) kids or what?!


35 thoughts on “A Gift

  1. You know, you could have left off the “or what” and replaced it with a repeat of the first part of the question, since there is only one possible answer: Of course you do.

  2. I have never seen a more photogenic assemblage: you have outdone yourself. I will bet that you didn’t even know it either. Allow me to be the one to observe it and to say it: they are what America was always meant to be: vital and lively.
    I love the guns they have, nice touch.

    My mother bought me and my brother a BB gun once, for Christmas: and it stuck like glue. She was brilliant in ways.

  3. Love it ! All the pictures came out beatiful and looks like they had lots of fun posing.

    • I think they did have fun and everyone was so excited to give me the gift. Not a single little spilled the beans. Pretty cool.

  4. My very best for the New Year for you and yours. You are truly blessed with such beautiful children. Love your blog, please never give up. You are one of the good guys.

    • I am proud. They have had to overcome quite a bit in their short lives. To see those big ol precious smiles melts my heart.

  5. That was very sweet of your older son and daughter in-law to go get these pictures done as a surprise. You kids are beautiful!!

  6. You have an extraordinary gift there, one born of blood and courage, and defended with the same. Those children may not yet understand how very lucky they are to have you as parents, to have each other as siblings, but they will, and that is a gift they will carry with them through every trial that life brings.

  7. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. And even more beautiful that your son and his wife were so thoughtful. You must be very proud!

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