M Wants A Gun

So, Saturday TSM and I were gone from 830am-til 830am on Sunday. My older son and DIL came over to watch the kids for us. When I got home Sunday morning I made a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and crispy potatoes. As I cooked my son was telling me all the haps of the previous day. The Boy was pretty good, but kept getting out of bed, the dog didn’t had any accidents, but ate someone’s shoe, E was perfect as per the usual…

Then there was M. She told him all about her trip to the range and how much she enjoyed it. She asked him to get our friend’s gun from the safe, so she could show him she knew how to loaded/unload it. There were absolutely no bullets around and all this was done in our safe area. Anyway, she mentioned to him that a blogger friend of mine offered to let her shoot his gun and someday maybe she would have her own. When I heard that I about ran out the door and purchased her a .22 that second.

There just happened to be a gun show that day and I planned on popping up there, but I had been gone a long time and I needed to spend time with the little kids. Plus later that day we were celebrating The Boy’s 7th birthday and I needed to prep. A friend emailed me and said she had a connection and I could get the same gun M shot for xxx amount of dollars. That sounded like a viable option.

TSM thought it better to get her a S&W M&P .22 and since he gets a discount that seemed like a financially smart way to go. A few days went by and I began to wonder if she really needed a gun. She can’t carry it, still not sure how excited she really is, we are not tight on money, but we are always budget conscience, already bought Christmas presents and all that. I told TSM it might be a better idea to wait until her birthday. He agreed.

Our 3 little kids have no idea at all about the school shootings. We saw zero benefit in telling them, but M is aware. I have tried to limit her exposure. I want her to know what is going on and understand, but not to be so immersed that she dwells on it. I hadn’t realized how much of the gun debate side of it she had been following.

On our way to E’s Christmas concert last night M, out of know where said, I would really like to get my gun before the president makes it impossible for me to do so and I really want a silver blackstrap from Gun Goddess.

A bit of a game changer. Clearly this is coming from her. So, even though I really want a new knife I am going to put that on the back burner and a few other items as well and get her a gun for Christmas.

John has offered to sell me one of his which is great because Smith & Wesson can’t get me one before the 25th. I am ordering the back strap today as well. It will be fun to get her a cool range bag someday and her own ears…

Wonder if the range is open Christmas Day;)

I know M thanked everyone personally for their kind words of encouragement, but let me also say how very wonderful it was. THANK YOU!

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  1. Funny the kind of influence one has when the positive reinforcement we use daily in our selves works on the ones closest to us. I read your posts and hear things about the wonderful ways your household keeps blooming, keep up the great work and know there are people out here that support you and applaud your efforts.

    Brotherhood through pain!


  2. AGirl, just remember, that technically, it will be your gun since she is not of legal age to own one. When she turns 21, you can sell it to her at a ‘fair price’.

    A friend just got a Sig Mosquito, and I must say, it felt pretty darn good in my hands. May have to look a bit more at the Sig line! She is applying for her concealed carry permit too. She’s a single mom with a 10 yo daughter and has concerns as well. She wanted to start with a trainer pistol to get her technique right before going to bigger calibers.

    My quest for a Shield continues… LOL but a .22 plinker is right up there as well, but the 9 probably needs to come first. I doubt any ban would be a problem for the Shield since it has 8+1 capacity, but I REALLY don’t want to wait and find out.

    Somehow I doubt I’ll have an AR-15 anytime soon though…

    • Oh yeah, it’s been quite impressive to see M’s change of perspective. You haven’t forced her, but you have helped her become more situationally aware. Not just around her physical environment, but the social and political environments it seems.

      Excellent work on your part and even MORE excellent work on M’s part for the forward thinking!

    • Oh good grief. Yes, it’s my gun. Everything in this house belongs to me and TSM. Of course it won’t be sitting in her room and she won’t be toting it about. All guns as well as kitchen knives, cleaning chemicals, sewing needles, chop sticks and bubble gum are safely under our control. And when she is 18, the legal age to own a gun in the state of Virginia, I will give it to her not sell it. Which is allowed in this state. A parent may purchase a firearm for their child and at 18 that child/adult can OC if he or she chooses to.

      I know you are just trying to clarify to have my back and be sure I don’t get in any trouble, but I am about sick to death of making sure I say just the right thing so someone doesn’t twist it. I have never broke or even twisted a single law and I don’t need the police or any political ding dong telling me how to keep my kids safe.

      P.S. thank you for caring

  3. That is so awesome! It’s a great way for her to get started in shooting. We have B.B. guns put away as well as .22 rifles for out boys to learn with when they are of the appropriate age. Can’t wait to hear more of how her interest in shooting grows – you have some fun girl times ahead with all of them!

  4. I’m super excited for both of you and I’m glad that she had some time to mull it over and make the decision hers. She’s owning the decision to want a gun, not feeling pressured.

    Aw, I’m so proud of both of you 🙂

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