Aren’t You The Mother Who Didn’t Protect Her Own Child?

Over the past few days I have received a major increase in the hate filled email, endless diatribes left on my FB wall and pithy insults on my twitter feed from the newly bolstered anti gun crowd. I have for the most part ignored and deleted them.

One guy all but threatened me. He posted on my time line that “You better hope we never meet”. Yeah, I am terrified. Anyway, I didn’t respond. I just deleted and blocked him. Most of the comments left on the blog that follow the same kind of insanity I have not approved. Emails same. DELETE!

This morning I received this email…

“With all due respect aren’t you the mother who didn’t protect her own child? Just because you are a bad mother and are feeling guilty doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to live in fear of being shot by some reckless gun owner. You made a mistake and now you want the laws to be changed so you can shoot people.”

It goes on, but you get the gist.

While this email was clearly not meant to be respectful in the least. Quite the opposite actually. It was mean spirited, but regardless some points should be addressed.

One is these anti gun people are not all that concerned with mental health or the stability of people. If I were on the edge then an email such as this might cause me to react in some crazed violent way. If I was terrified a person might snap I don’t think I would give them any extra motivation. Also, they are liars. I can’t imagine that if this person were so terrified of me and my gun toting ways he would send an email provoking me. The truth is this person knows no matter how mean and awful he is to me he is perfectly safe. He knows there is nothing he or anyone could say that would make me react in a violent way. Even my husband who I assure you was none to pleased isn’t a violent threat to this person or any person who isn’t directly causing us grave or mortal injury.

The biggest thing I wanted to address is changing laws. No, no I don’t think any laws should be changed or enacted based on my opinion or experience. Had this person bothered to read my blog they would know that. I have probably stated it in half a dozen blog posts dating back to June 2011. In addition I do not need to try to change the laws. I already am allowed to carry a gun and I have never ever claimed I wanted to shoot someone. I have said repeatedly I have no desire to shoot anyone even a bad guy. If I did I wouldn’t spend twice as much time on learning awareness techniques as I do to actual trigger time. I wouldn’t lock my doors or avoid sketchy places. There are no laws, anywhere in this country that say “Go forth and kill. It’s cool.”

As I said in those previous posts, in the post yesterday, in a comment made also yesterday and a remark on my FB, emotion has no place in law.

Some find my story emotional and inspiring, but it’s not a manipulation tool. It should not be used to justify infringing on the rights of others. There is a woman who was using a twitter conversation with me to attack some other gunnies. Her response to everything was , “how dare they attack a domestic abuse survivor.” First off, no one was attacking her and second that is not a default argument. She is not more right because she was attacked and now has a clearing understanding of gun laws. Anymore than I do because I was.

I have a clearer idea of what I want to do to keep myself and my family safe, but really there needs to be no discussion on gun laws. We have a fine document in place that tells us ALL exactly what our INDIVIDUAL rights are. We have it so that no matter what is going on one person can not infringe on the rights of anyone else. No matter what you think or say its protected. No matter what you or I believe about guns the right to bear arms is protected. No matter if planes fly into buildings the right to not be subjected to unlawful search and seizure is protected. Now, those rights are getting trampled on, of course, but that is because people are breaking the law. These people have decided they don’t like the law, so they are ignoring it and taking away other’s rights. Something I have never done nor advocated.

Now, I am exhausted. I need a break from the mean, hateful, vile filth that passes for human beings.

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  1. I will submit that people who send you messages like that have no soul. Some lessons, such as yours are learned the hard way. You have done much to help others to learn the same lesson you did without the additional trauma. You deserve to be lauded for your efforts, not denigrated.

  2. Sounds like you’re handling it all with grace and poise. You’re doing great, I love reading your blog — you’re a motivation in my life.

    FYI I’ve even been getting, um, “negative” comments on my blog and FB page — and I hardly ever write about guns. Though I’m a strong supporter and discuss the importance of security I’ve chosen not to focus as much on the gun aspects (there’s a lot of men writing blogs about guns out there, the world didn’t need my .02 and I felt I had more to offer in the ‘follow my prepping journey’ angle.)

  3. This incident has really brought the inbecils and haters out. I honestly think many of them are mentally ill. We are probably better off that they don’t own guns.

  4. You ARE emotional and inspiring!
    I’m amazed that such people exist! But then, evil people exist, too.
    Don’t let the bastards grind you down!


  5. I wish I could say I was amazed by the vitriol of people like the one who emailed you. But sadly, I’m not, because I’ve been on the receiving end of such vitriol before I was involved with guns, and it turned into a case of cyberstalking that included threats to abduct my daughter from her summer camp.

    I’ve gotten a certain amount of craziness on my Facebook too – accusations that people who carry guns are “wannabe Barney Fifes”, have PTSD, or are “redneck whackos” etc. I’ve tried to respond as civilly and objectively as I can, but not I fear with as much grace as you’ve managed.

    Appreciating you, admiring you, grateful we’re friends.

  6. You’re handling it better than I would… Those on the left strike out on an emotional level rather than actually having a ‘thoughtful’ dialog… That’s their MO, and it’s not going to change…

  7. You are emotional – but you understand that emotion is not what decisions should be based on. And you have the ability to express your arguments clearly. The majority of people are ranting, not debating. When you come in with information and clear arguments, it makes them angry. I’ve withdrawn from various things, including Facebook and our community website, because I got tired of that.

  8. This falls under my standard phrase of “people are stupid” only this time is has to go “people are stupid and mean cowards”

  9. And here they come, out of their shelter of ignorant bliss empowered by the liberal media and left wing individual rights deniers who are dancing in the blood of the victims of this tragedy. I just wish there was a constructive way to counter their false ‘feel good’ fantasy land with logic and reality, but we all know how well they respond to honest debate.

  10. Publish the sender’s name and email address. We’ll post and link. I’d be happy to help make this person famous. Google sees all, forgets nothing.

  11. Thank you for your measured response. If the public were truly looking for answers, they would have decried the ‘Gun Legislation Committee’ and demanded on for better mental health care. The problem isn’t the guns, it was a poor young man who needed help and was afraid of that help.
    Speak on Wise Lady!

  12. Many seem to feel empowered by the horror in CT and other recent events. They seem to want to push their agenda down everybody’s throat and using this event to their advantage and pushing of their agenda. Now, if any pro 2A supporters try to show why legislation doesn’t work, they are accused of using tragedy to push an agenda. Typical hypocrisy on their part, but that is how they normally operate.

    To feel like you have the emotional and moral high ground, from their perspective, gives them the right to push agendas while others shouldn’t.

    Anti-gunners are quick to point to mass shootings as a justification for disarming. I can easily point to gun free zones as a liberal idea that not only sucks, but encourages mass shootings. From (, the locations of mass shootings in the US:
    Oregon: a mall – gun free
    Wisconsin: Sikh temple – gun free
    Colorado: a movie theater – gun free
    **Tucson: Grocery store parking lot – guns appear to have been okay – not specifically stated.
    Texas: Army base – gun free except for issued arms while training. No conceal carry
    Binghampton, VT: immigrant community center (not sure, but suspect gun-free).
    Alabama: rural homes
    Va Tech: School – gun-free
    Columbine: School – gun-free
    Luby’s Killeen, Texas – cafeteria restaurant, gun-free
    GMAC – work place, gun-free

    Let’s not forget the University of Alabama in Huntsville where a PROFESSOR killed three and wounded three more – yet another gun-free zone. It’s not in the above list because it wasn’t bloody enough apparently.

    Let’s not forget the 2 killings in Finland in 2007 and 2008 where 18 were killed in schools.
    Let’s not forget the 16 killed at a school in Germany in 2002 , also gun-free zones. Let’s not forget the killing of 16 kids in Scotland. I didn’t include those in this short list simply because they were outside US borders.

    You don’t hear about conceal carry saving the day at these gun-free zones for a few reasons: 1) law abiding gun owners won’t carry in a gun-free zone, because, hey, they’re LAW ABIDING. and 2) they will likely shop some place else that allows them the ability to protect themselves.

    In the Tucson event, a conceal carry person was able to identify and help restrain the shooter until police arrived. He didn’t use his firearm.

    In another event, at a church that allowed carry, a conceal carry member eliminated a threat when somebody came in to start a shooting rampage in Colorado (I think).

    Do you see a pattern here? To all you anti-firearms people, I sincerely hope the government is there for YOU when something bad happens to you. If not, you’ll be screaming bloody murder for somebody to help you when you’re SOL. Just hope your neighbors are willing and able to protect you in RainbowUnicornville. Get off your high horse and realize your gun-free idea sucks and does not work, and in fact has the opposite desired result. Since apparently you anti-gunners expect somebody to come to your rescue, at least get rid of the stupid gun-free zones so that a conceal carry, LAW ABIDING citizen may be able to help save your butt when Mr. OffHisRocker comes in with weapons to do YOU harm.

    • 11 months prior to Columbine was Thurston High in Springfield, Oregon. Two students killed, 22 wounded. The killer’s parents later found dead at home. Notable in this one is that unlike many others, the perp didn’t get a chance to commit suicide. He was stopped in his rampage when his .22 rifle ran out of ammo and he transitioned to a 9mm semi-auto. One of the students in the cafeteria heard the .22 click on an empty chamber and he and a few other students rushed the shooter. He got his hand on the slide and had the tip of one finger shot off, but he held on and didn’t let the gun cycle the next round, ending the carnage.

      • And it didn’t include the one in St. Louis where a kid, in 1983, where a kid killed one, shot another, then killed himself after being bullied repeatedly. I have personal knowledge of this one.

  13. For the first time, ever, I’m glad that I don’t have the readership/followers/likers that you do, because you handle everything with such grace. I’d just tell them to do go anatomically impossible things and just prove their point.

    However, have you noticed how VIOLENT the antis crowd is? I mean, really? They sent death threats to the NRA. The asshole who emailed you clearly threatened you. Crazy isn’t it? I’m beginning to feel like the “crazy gunnies” are more the Kumbaya crowd and the violent antis are the ones who should be avoided.

    • +1 to this statement. Every time I see a CSGV FB update or a screenshot of a conversation with an anti-gunner, the anti is always the one to talk about bringing violence upon the gun owner, “just to show them”. Talk about enlightenment!!

    • +1 So far I, who am wearing a Glock right now, have not threatened anybody. But I’m seeing/hearing plenty of others hoping for or threatening death to people like me.

  14. It’s amazing what people will say using the anonymity of the internet. Most of them would probably not tell you these things face to face…

  15. Allow me to parse that, for my own understanding:

    “With all due respect”
    everything that follows negates that phrase

    “aren’t you the mother who didn’t protect her own child?”
    Yep. Once. Per life-long conditioning.

    “Just because you are a bad mother”
    Quite an assumption there, with absolutely no basis in fact.

    “and are feeling guilty”
    Uh, no, she isn’t. She did, when she realized how her mugging might have gone and how her daughter could have been harmed as well. Oh, it was a false guilt as well.

    “doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to live in fear of being shot by some reckless gun owner.”
    Your fears are your own. Reckless gun owners are exactly that – reckless. Which is not AGirl. She has probably already had more training than you will ever have. Also, while reckless gun owners do exist (as do reckless owners of any other item you can think of, like cars for example), they are not representative of the whole, just like reckless car owners do not represent the majority of car owners.

    “You made a mistake”
    No, she did not make a mistake. But she did see how she had been trained to react in a specific manner, and took steps to protect herself and her family from any future recurrence.

    “and now you want the laws to be changed”
    she’s said repeatedly that she doesn’t want to change the laws

    “so you can shoot people.”
    And she has said she hopes she never ever has to shoot anyone. But might you be projecting, hmm?

  16. Well he’s just flat wrong. You did protect your daughter, unless I missed something. You got her out of the immediate line of danger. You would only be a bad mother if you took no action during the incident or after. But you didn’t do that. You learned from it, moved forward. You have helped her move forward and your whole family has benifited. Sometimes The Lord puts us in uncomfortable positions or undesirable situations to get us where we need to be.
    You are not a bad mother or bad person.
    People who say things like that are cowards short and simple. You’re above name calling and should be commended for the way you behave when attacked from these people. You will always be ahead of them.

  17. Those supposed peaceful liberals are mentally ill, should be locked up when they make threats like that !! You did the best you could at that time but are trying to improve yourself. Unlike the anti-gun crowd who rant about shootings being caused by guns but expect a better result from inept gun control laws.

  18. Thank you for your site and your writings. I am better for learning and gaining insight from you & your experences, training, family, etc. Been reading on some of the links you have also.

    Say Hi to jayne

    Happy Holidays & thank you

    Dan Chandler

  19. Illegitimi non carborundum (i.e. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”). You’re doing the right thing. Amazing how the “compassionate” Left can be the most vicious animals on the planet.

    Merry Christmas! And, may your day be filled with monkeys.

  20. You have far more patience than I. Anyone that goes to the ad hominem method of argument with me has already lost and there is nothing I can do or say to change them at that point.

    It happens. Good on you!

  21. You are a good person Girl. A good Mom. A good wife. A good friend. A good human being. Like I said yesterday, don’t accept their laying of guilt on you. You don’t deserve it and to hell anyone who says otherwise. Those of us who have come to know you even a little bit love you and support you. We’re some of those stalwart companions one occasionally finds on their journey and we will always have your back. Love conquers hate every time.

  22. I can see the danger in gun ownership by the very people who send hate mail. I certainly wouldn’t want a gun in THEIR hands.

    Removing guns from legally trained and licensed citizens is the ONLY thing the government can accomplish. We can be tracked and traced. Our guns are registered as well as our fingerprints. But it will not get the real problem off the streets. There are already more guns on the streets than could possibly be manufactured for legal purchase.

    Once OUR guns are removed, we will be defenseless targets and our homes will be invaded in growing incidents.

    The prez is using smoke and mirrors as he speaks of the mentally ill and that the only answer is to remove guns. THE FIRST gun was removed and the public outcry is REMOVE THEM ALL!!

    After THE FIRST, comes the reality of what he is using this latest tragedy to accomplish. The prez is not mourning the death of children. He is using it as his battlecry and every true idiot in this country is agreeing with him.

  23. The other night at the “in-laws” they were going off about banning all guns…bla bla and it was may fault for the shooting in Conn because I’m in the NRA (life member)..etc.
    I sat quiet and listened to the retarded wine drinking hippies talk…then I tried to correct them on a few things. Oh my God….”Do you want your grand daughter to die in school?”

    It was all my fault, but they’d not listen to anything, so I left. And people wondered why I volunteered to work holidays for 32 years in police work…so I didn’t have to put up with people like them. No common sense, knee jerk reactions afraid of anything they don’t understand.

  24. CI Roller Dude: Those would be the same type of people standing at the train station waving goodbye to the Jews, thinking they were being taken to a resort for vacation.

    Those who stand by while the SHTF are as responsible as the ones doing the action.

  25. What gets me is this: A large portion of the anti-firearms crowd has never been involved in a shooting other than reading it in the paper/online or watching the news.

    Let me post this:

    To all you anti-firearms people reading this, how would YOU explain to these dead children that they died because somebody said the adults cannot have the necessary means to protect against an armed attacker and intruder. How do you tell them that not having that level of protection caused them to die? How do you tell the parents that their children watched friends die? How do you tell the parents the gun-free zone worked and kept their children alive and safe?

    Now imagine being one of those parents. They put all their trust into that school, mall, or church to keep their loved ones safe. That trust was broken. The protection parents provide their children was forfeited by the schools, churches, malls, and movie theaters they entered and they had no say in how their children were protected. Yes, I’m sure most of them would likely not want firearms in the teachers’ hands, but the option was not even possible for non-teaching staff.

    You tell us pro-firearms people that we’re bad, evil, deranged, psychotic, or whatever your insult-du-jour is. But in my view, putting your trust into an idea that has repeatedly failed and led to the injury and death of far too many is even worse, more evil, more deranged, and utterly psychotic and insane.

    The definition of insane is repeatedly trying something that doesn’t work thinking it finally will. Guess what? Gun-free zones are insane.

    While you are entitled to your ideas; so are we. The difference is: our ideas work far better than yours have done so far.

  26. Sorry.. I am a day late….playing catch up reading blogs..

    What an A-hole. but been dealing with some of that same crowd on FB as well..I just ignore them. When they realize that the gun is an inanimate object and the real issue is to start addressing the mental health state in this country..we will be better off. Banning guns, is only going to lead them to find something else…Remember : Cain killed Able with a rock.. where there is the will there is a way.

    And if our government wants to issue a ban, then they need to start with themselves… Rememeber Ruby RIdge? What about Waco where ATF agents under the authority of newly appointed Janet Reno murdered 26 kids? And most recently what about the 14 teens killed in Juarez Mexico from rifles involved in the Fast and Furious Scandal? They can try all they want and the anti-gun nut jobs can say what they want..but last I checked, Concealed weapons permit holders were up and out number every one in Washington…there is even more of us then members in the entire US military…

  27. “The truth is this person knows no matter how mean and awful he is to me he is perfectly safe. He knows there is nothing he or anyone could say that would make me react in a violent way.”

    This. + 1000

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  29. I was serious about publishing this idiot’s name and email. Even anonymous email will leave traces that can be tracked back by people in the know. I’d be happy to do that, if you’d like.

    If this guy feels like he can get away with this sort of thing, he’ll do it again. A ration of public exposure will be a deterrent to others, if not to him. And it will help other people he trains his invective on understand what sort of miserable creature he is. Reputation still counts and as I said before Google sees all, forgets nothing.

    • I know and you may be right, but it’s not me. I don’t have the stomach for it. I am thankful for the more courageous activists, but for whatever reason if I were to do that I would feel bad. It’s not a holy or moral objection, it just is a me objection.

      I admire your strength and passion.

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  31. As I ‘ve said before, you continue to be a wonderful model for your child. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    As someone else wisely said…somewhere,”Haters gonna hate.”

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