She’s Baaaaaaack!

Well she never really left. She has always been reading and she and I talk regularly, but there is some cool news on her.

Who??? Mrs. Groundhog, that’s who. For those of you who have been around a while you will remember she was the very first AGirl Give-A-Way winner. At the time she was very unsure around guns. Since then she has used the money to get gun training and in the course of doing so has gained so much more.

Yesterday I received a sweet note from her…

I have been quoted in a blog. You continue to teach other women through the gift of your first contest. The woman and the shooter that I was back in Feb. when I won the contest could have never written this. Thank you once again.  And most of all thank you for your friendship. Enjoy the blog post.

Go read the blog she is talking about. I think you will enjoy it!

12 thoughts on “She’s Baaaaaaack!

  1. It is exciting too see the influence you are having on others. One day, if Mrs. Groundhog ever has to defend herself or her family, she will look back and remember you. For me, this is what blogging, Facebooking and etc is all about. Helping others to help themselves be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them.


  2. It was a real pleasure meeting her and Mr Groundhog. Great people. She was definitely a please to work with in the learning process.

    She hits the nail on the head along with HSOI that we do not see nearly enough women participating in the more advanced classes and need to work to change the perceptions that they have about the real world and being prepared for it.

  3. Something I never could figure out…I guess it really goes back to this thing of steriotypes. I donno about the rest of you (god…I hope I don’t get into trouble for saying this..but here goes) I never could see this thing about women being demure, “nice”, and all that stuff. In my mind humans are critters, just like bears, deer, etc. That said,,..ever see a ticked off mama bear? If I had/have my druthers I would take a woman who knew how to handle a knife, could gut and skin a deer or any other kind of critter. Drop a tree with either an axe or chainsaw, etc. Wouldn’t bother me one bit if she chewed or smoked cigars. Matter of fact my wife was one of that type.

    • There’s not much sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid to get dirt/grease under her nails, who knows her way around a chainsaw and thinks that ash/grit/bugs actually add flavor/texture to whatever is cooking….but also knows how to take care of herself so she doesn’t look like a mountain-woman with hairy legs and a better mustache than I could grow.

    • Curt, I am not sure I can explain why so of us woman have needed time and encouragement to over come our fears and lack of aggression. There are no easy answers and we are not all the same. I think I have documented pretty well why I was the way was.

      I am so happy you found a woman who was strong and confident and always knew to stand up for herself. What a blessing!

      She is a great example for the rest of us, however I am not chewing tobacco:)

    • Well, some of us trainers do. In fact, it was this trainer that asked her the question in the first place because there are situations I would love to improve. 🙂

      Mrs. Groundhog has come a long way since that first class. Her confidence and skill have grown, and I’m humbled by her kind words and growing strength.

      • Yes, there are many fine instructors out there. I have had the good fortune to be taught by them. I can not tell you how thrilled I am Mrs. Groundhog found you. I have loved listening to her tell me about you and her training. Thank you for caring.

        Old NFO is right though…there are plenty of folks that could learn from her words:)

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