Sikh Temple Shooting

A blog reader who is also one of the Give-A-Way winner’s sent this story.

Two quotes stood out to me…

“The gunman outflanked Murphy. Even now, it’s something Murphy regrets. He thought the gunman would come straight at him, but, instead, he wheeled around.”

I think there are things we as armed citizens can learn from these men.

“I now spend more time listening to people,” Lenda says. “After 33 years you’ve probably heard most of the stories out there, most of the excuses. Now, I’ll spend time with people. To me, minutes are more precious than before. I look at how important time is.”

Not going to offer commentary, but I do encourage you read it.

7 thoughts on “Sikh Temple Shooting

  1. The part that stood out to me was this: “In the middle of a gun battle that raged for about two minutes, he found himself wedged beneath a car as the gunman reloaded. And he thought to himself: ‘I’m not going out like this. I’m not going out in a parking lot.'”

    My sense based on a few cases I’ve read about (such as that of LAPD Sgt. Stacy Lim, about which more at is that the “I will not die here – not me, not here, not now” attitude is a lot more critical to surviving a deadly force encounter than one might at first think.

  2. Interesting debrief no question, but there ARE a lot of questions concerning the shooter… His accuracy, his movement, etc… He’d either practiced that or done that before!

  3. Impressive! I think there are several things to learn here. Some have already been said. I would like to add; Always expect the unexpected. So far, at least from what I’ve read/seen on the news we have been lucky. IF things go completely to hell we all be exposed to things that normally happen in a true urban combat zone. I have heard or read more than once gang members have been enlisting in the military. Be that true or false…consider doing things that one would never think of doing or being exposed to things that will be well outside the “normal”. I know this will sound like I have a tin foil hat on or something….but trust no one. Use your ears as well as your eyes. Etc. So far, as I said, we have been lucky. Will it continue to be so….who knows. I do know all things considered…..nothing will surprise me any more.

  4. Cooper always advised to “get angry” and become “indignant” if confronted by someone who is trying do you violence.

    Tom Givens will tell you to meet the situation with the understanding that bad things happen to good people all the time and “today is just my turn.”

    I believe that it’s more difficult to develop and maintain the proper mindset than it is to learn to shoot well. One must overcome years and years of conditioning to “be nice.” The bad guys don’t think like that and that’s their advantage.

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