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Reading Say No To Firearms Licensing Facebook today I came across an article speaking about women and self defense. In the article the author says…

“I don’t know how to convince women to be more afraid of the criminal than the guns that will defeat criminals.”

That is it. That is the challenge isn’t it? I am not sure either, but I am going to keep trying.

Here is something to think about…with proper training one can control the gun, but without that training, without that tool, there is little chance of controlling the criminal.

I am not being trite or condescending. I am sincerely asking you to stop. Stop and think about what is said in this article.

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  1. Personally I’d say there is no chance of controlling the criminal. Without tools or knowledge you have nothing that would allow you to do so…

    Besides nothing is more controlling than a shot to center of mass after telling someone to “STOP!”

  2. That is the challenge, isn’t it.

    For some it is a slow process. But as for a lot of people for a lot of things in this world, there are event triggers that make the transition occur pretty fast.

    • “For some it is a slow process” Andy, I know. My posts are not judgements, they are pleas. Pleas to learn from my “event trigger”.

      I want to say something, do something, that might trigger a positive movement in self protection without a negative event in their own life.

      I do not believe those we choose not to be armed are stupid, are sheep, are deserving to be victims(not talking about the Brady folks etc.), but still I have to try.

  3. Wow…the author is blatantly admitting that they would rather women be afraid of guns, and unarmed for the criminal, than to be afraid of the criminals out there and strive to defend themselves? Usually they only hint at this stupidity, this is actually in print! Its sad….scary, and sad, really.

  4. I’ve been trying to figure that our for about three decades… I’ve worked with gals, Women in the Outdoors, taught NRA courses… even several all gals courses over the years…

    The closest answer I’ve found to to catch’em and trainin’ young in 4H… so much harder to convince or train a gal to take that first reluctant step towards a firearm when they’ve had such a different mindset beat into them for some many years…

    But I still keep trying…

    Dann in Ohio

  5. Idunno, in my experience people (in general, not women) are afraid that they won’t know how to handle a gun. Guys just don’t admit this and plow in, while gals are more “oh no I could never do that”.

    Once you drag ’em to the range and they figure out that these are simple, controllable machines, the smiles light up and life is good.

    Then the next hurdle is “oh, but I won’t be able to shoot someone” — again, more a gal thing than a guy thing, because guys are macho, right? Anyway, this is a personal choice and changes once the shit comes close to hitting the fan a few times 🙂

    • That is certainly true in many cases. It was in mine, but in many, many, many cases it is impossible to get them there. I have several friends who are big time gunnies and their wives/ girlfriends will not shoot. I also have dealt with the issue with other women I know.

      • Granted. My experience is with people who at least expressed some interest. If you can’t get past the blinkers you can’t get past the blinkers — it’s not a gun issue, per se.

  6. “Here is something to think about…with proper training one can control the gun, but without that training, without that tool, there is little chance of controlling the criminal. ”

    Spot on! I always wonder what people think will happen if they wake up in the middle of the night to find an intruder. Offer them a spot of tea and have a nice chat?

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