I’m Alive

For the past week I have been sick and not the good kind of sick either. Last Thursday I started to feel under the weather, but nothing to awful. Friday was rough, but manageable. By Saturday I wanted to crawl into a hole and sleep for, like, ever. Of course, that was not going to happen.

Saturday was our first EMT Practical class and missing is a big no-no. My instructor scares me a little. Ok, not really, but she made it crystal clear that it was beyond wise to show up. I did with my head cold and some yummy homemade cinnamon rolls for the class. Those were a BIG hit. I had offered to make the 40 roll batch prior to getting sick, but I am a woman of my word, so I did not show up empty handed.

Class was awesome. Love this stuff and it is coming together inside my head nicely. We were scheduled to be there from 9-5, but some of the instructors didn’t show up, so we left at about 3:30 which gave us enough time to head home, change and get ready to meet our friends at the pumpkin patch.

This is an annual thing for our two families and even though I didn’t feel great, I refused to miss-out. I think traditions are important. I am not tied to them and yes things come up, but in a busy world where it is all to easy to let relationships fall to the way side, I pay extra attention to keeping those that matter to me front and center. Seems like if we miss one it becomes less and less a priority and next thing I know, our annual trip is no more.

This was the first time our families had gone at night, but our friends were gracious to make the switch to allow TSM and I to attend EMT. What a fun time. We didn’t do as much as we do on the day trip, but the kids had a blast and wouldn’t you know it, I bonded with a stranger.

Riding on the hay truck to the pumpkins, I was signing with my daughter, A, when the woman sitting next to me says to her husband, “They are signing.” Turns out he owns a local interpreting business. We talked kids, language, skill(he offered me a job) and as luck would have it, they want to adopt. We exchanged info, so I could chit chat more with them on that whole thing. Opportunities abound I tell ya. Although, no one get on my case, I know I am busy and I am not going to take the job. Unless it is just a one time they need an emergency interpreter kind of thing. Once, twice at the most:)

Sunday I headed up north to meet 2 women for a business luncheon. This one had to do with firearms training and I had the best time. Can’t wait to give you all the details of that, but it will be better after Saturday.

Monday was a day full of catch up and EMT class. Tuesday was rough here. I was sick, TSM was very sick and 2 of our kiddos were sick. Yesterday morning, I was so tired, I laid in bed and cried. Fortunately, everyone was well enough to head back to work and or school, so I stayed in bed and slept for an couple of hours. By mid-afternoon, I felt kind of sort of like I could attend EMT class without dying.

This morning I am much, much better. Still have some sinus pressure and all kinds of gook in my throat but the headache is gone, the constant coughing is gone and I have some energy.

Before you all lecture me(and I know some of you will anyway:) on taking care of myself and not over doing it, I want to remind you that I am young, healthy and that almost every single person in my EMT class is sick. I am not kidding. At least 20 of the 29 of us are coughing, hacking, blowing our nose…It is just that time of year.

The next few weeks are full of fun stuff. Some of which involves guns…yeah!! But, for now I am off to stick my head in a very hot shower where I am hopefully the steam will turn me into a new woman. One that can breath.

While you are waiting for my next riveting post head on over to When The Balloon Goes Up and do a little early Christmas shopping.


24 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. Nice to know yer still kickin’!! 🙂 Fully agree – it is “that time of year”. So far Susie and I have dodged all the bullets but the “biological weapons devices” (i.e. grandkids) have stayed healthy so far . . . . hummmmm . . . . could there be a connection?!?!?!?!? 🙂

    Enjoy Ms. A, nice to “hear” you’re doin’ OK.


    • Yes, I personally always like to blame all the bad things on my kids to include any and all illnesses I acquire.

  2. When I am sick, I find that I actually feel worse If I lay in bed all day, and feel better when I am up and doing things-so I won’t lecture you on taking care of yourself. : ) But I hope you continue to get better and feel better..nothing sux worse then a nagging sinus infection-Its all going around down here as well.
    Pumpkin patches are all ways fun. We have a local one with a corn maze in it..Kids totally love it.

    • I love the corn maze. Mostly, I like to see when people get lost and stand there like they have no idea what to do next…:)

  3. You really should take care of yourself and not overdo it ya know.


    Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. Glad to see you’re feeling better! Ok…..er…uh…what is a “pumpkin patch”? I know, it is where one grows pumpkins…..didn’t know there was a social thing with that though….


    • HI!!!!

      Lol, yes the deal is we head to the farm that grows the pumpkins and there are lots of activities. This particular place is large, so they have slides, face painting, animals to pet, pig races etc, etc, etc.

      Lots of fun, but my favorite part is seeing our friends(and the popcorn)Their son is a hoot(I have written about the little guy on here before) My truck is named, partially, in tribute to their new little one.

  5. Yay, I’m glad your back!!!! Oh no, so sorry to hear your not feeling well.
    You mentioned having a little stuffiness. One silly thing my sister used to do was place a cup of water in the microwave, bring it to a boil, remove it from the microwave and stir in one teaspoon of vicks. Then she would place a towel over her head and stand over the cup breathe in the vicks steam, this helped her stuffiness. It’s just a suggestion.
    How long is your EMT class? With taking this class will you have a certification at the end of the course? I’m thinking about taking so type of medical class and I’m not sure which route to take. Some one in my house needs to know medical and as a family trying to be self reliant, I figured it would be me.

    • Oh good idea!! I will try that. I remember Vicks from my childhood. Even if it doesn’t work the smell is oddly healing.

      My course is 4 months and no at the end I get nothing…lol I will have to take the state exam and pass and then I will. Both my husband and I are really loving the class. Facinating. My husband has become a bit of a health nut since we started though. Learning about the body has impacted him quite a bit.

      I say go for it!

  6. Poor baby, you need more rest, find time for some. Uncle Marc says so. You don’t want to have a relapse and start the cycle all over. Not with your busy schedule.
    Schools are germ factories, pack ’em together sharing every breath and germ and send ’em home to wreak havoc. You know how it goes.
    Get better ,keep the family well. Ain’t Mama happy, ain’t nobody happy.

  7. Prayin for ya! Glad to hear you’re still able to make it to the vertical position!

    Odd, though, to hear about you making friends with a complete stranger, and not converting them into gunners in the process. LOL

  8. Hey, Nice to have you blogging again! What week is your E.M.T. class in? I remember my first class as a student…10 years later I became an instructor. Stick with it and listen to your teachers, they’ll get you through. The class will enable you to make a difference in many lives.Good luck, Joe.

    • We are in week week 6. Just finished respiratory emergencies. Next is cardiac emergencies.

      I love my instructors. Very knowledgable.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

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