A Few Additions and a New Me

I have added some new blogs to the roll. And by now you all should know when I say “I” did something techy on the blog, I mean Barron. Musings Over a Pint and The Cornered Cat. David has been giving me quite an education on all things brewsky and plus he is a gunnie, so that is like the perfect blog set up.

Many of you know about Kathy’s FB and newsletter, but now she has a blog too!! Good stuff!

Go check them both out.

I have been contacted by several companies over the past few months asking me to promote them, which if I think they have a good product I do and if not, then I don’t. Recently I was contacted by Ammo.com. I have been exchanging emails with a very nice gentleman for the past couple of weeks and since they are so awesome I have decided to link them here. For full disclosure I think they are tossing me a few bucks. We had chit chatted and I agreed to put them on the blog and then in the last email the gentleman informed me that it was “customary’ for them to contribute monetarily to the blog. I don’t know why, but I thought that was kind of cool.

And finally…

Last night while in EMT I got an email from Erin. In the email was a picture. She said it was me.

I should have asked for clarification, but I decided I wanted to believe she meant I was the one in front with the gun.

Of course, the reality is that sometimes I am the one in the back needing cover (not the kind that stops a bullet). Lucky for me, I have backup and protection when I need it, but also lucky for me, everyday I get more and more like the one in the front. Everyday, I get a little stronger, a little tougher, a little bolder. I don’t think I ever want to be so independent as to not need others, but it is nice to know that I have what it takes to help too.

I love this picture…so much Thank you Erin.

31 thoughts on “A Few Additions and a New Me

  1. Well duh, of course you’re the one in front!

    And I’m thrilled you like it! All us gunbronies felt it fit you perfectly. 😀


  2. “Way cool, and does fit you! Except, I never pictured you as a big hair gal. (I thought big hair was illegal outside Dallas city limits, and maybe Nashville. ;_) ) Must be a pony thang.

    Will follow the new blogs.

  3. I don’t know if I agree with the “nice gentleman” part, but I’ll take what I can get : ) I guess it is possible you were talking to a guy from ammo.com, but I was hoping that was me from Ammo.net you were referring to… 🙂
    @Cam Carter Big purple hair is huge in Nashville, but usually with the elderly, not the younger ladies 🙁

    • Well, heck. I get in a hurry and I am a notoriously bad editor. Sorry. At least the link is right:)

      Thanks again Mark.

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