I love them. I do not know anything about them, but I am endlessly fascinating by them.

Yesterday a package arrived from my friend Ce. She comments on the blog as poniegirl. She is one of those really cool people that makes you glad you are alive and lucked out to not only cross paths with her, but actually get to be friends with. She is just that cool. Her hubby, Mark is also very cool. When I broke my ribs all he said was, “Well, that’s what you get for [email protected]&ing with a Marine.” I like him.

So, this package…Ce had told me that her hubby made me a knife and it was on it’s way. What I didn’t know was that he also included a knife for TSM. A very awesome surprise. Here was how they were packaged…

The top picture is my knife; the bottom one TSM’s

My knife. The handle is South American Red Wood…gorgeous! Mine is nickelson file. I don’t know what it means, but the blade is crazy sharp. I spent the entire night cutting everything including cardboard boxes, an unfolded newspaper, a shoestring and some arm hair just cuz I always see people doing that.

I should have tucked my shirt in and looked more picture like, but I wasn’t paying attention when my son took the shot. It’s me in my natural habitat doing my normal activity…eating (in this case an orange) and texting.

TSM’s knife. It is made from coffee and cream bamboo and is (or has, I don’t understand the lingo yet)a farriers rasp. Again, no clue, but a crazy fricken cool knife. Very comfortable in the hand. The sheaths are made from saddle leather.

These are not self defense knives per se. Of course, we know that when our life is on the line anything and everything from a chopstick to a gun can be used to fight for our lives, but these are made as utility knives.

Here are a few YouTube videos that other people made that show off what these knives can do.

[jwplayer mediaid=”899″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”898″]

[jwplayer mediaid=”896″]

Good news is these are fabulous knives. Bad news is that Mark is no longer taking any orders.

We are very fortunate to have such neat people in our lives. Thank you Ce and Mark for our knives. We love them!!!

P.S. Holy crap, I think I actually inserted the videos all by myself!!!



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  1. The names given for the blades tell you what they were before being ground into knives. The Nicholson file was a file made by the Nicholson company. The Farriers rasp was a rasp used by farriers (think horseshoes) before being converted. Files and rasps are made of very hard steel and make blades with long lasting sharp edges.

  2. You are very welcome! We hope you enjoy them for a long time to come. And yes the are crazy sharp 🙂 . Have fun and be safe!

  3. Ah, home crafted knives made from available scrap tool steel are sometimes one of the best blades you can acquire. This is how a lot of self-reliant homesteaders and frontiersmen were able to make their own knives. The blade patterns and handles on the two you’ve received are excellent and from your description of the edge and continued sharpness I believe they have been properly heat treated and tempered as well. I’m also going to point out the craftsmanship in the scabbards or sheaths those knives are matched with. Yes, I am very impressed, a lot of quality time and hard work has been invested in the knives that were given to you. Very cool.

  4. Now that you’ve got that video thing down pat, you can insert a video on how to defend yourself with a chopstick.

    I’m dying to see that one.

  5. howdy, Girl with her Gun. i was informed that the subject of the files being brittle came up. just wanted to post a clarifying statement mostly to reassure you of the knives, but also for whomever had the question. a metal working file, such as the nicholson brand that i used for your knife, needs to have maximum hardness, a files purpose is to cut steel. and as most of us know there is no such thing as “one tool fits all things” the heat treating process that is done to a file achieves maximum hardness so it can cut steel, but it also leaves the file very brittle. this is why when working to make the file into a knife, the steel has to be taken through additional heat treating steps to take the brittleness out, but also leave enough hardness in so it will have good cutting edge retention. i can’t speak to how other people do what they do, but i can assure you, both of the knives you received from me have had the most correct, and to the best of my knowledge and abilities, the best practices applied to attain the best compromise between hardness and edge retention. i have not done a destruction test on one of my knives to test this next part, but it is my understanding, from the processes and temperatures i use that the properties of the steel are now closer to a spring steel rather than a file.
    hopefully i did not get too technical with this explanation, but also gave enough information to explain the process. if there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. just let Ce know.

    ya’ll take care and GOD bless,

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