Scarred so that others may LIVE FREE

I was on the Seal of Honor FaceBook page and saw this photo…

I was struck by a wave of emotions. This one picture displays courage, strength, sacrifice, bravery, honor, and love. Curious I began to search the page and came across this…

I think it is remarkable that someone who has sacrificed so much is still continuing to give. I love when he says that he wants those that have been wounded to be proud of their scars and wounds.

Indeed. He is so right. Those scars represent much honor and deserve to be displayed with great pride. They were earned. So many people talk of a life of honor, but so few live it. These men are living it on and off the battlefield. I asked Barron to put a link on the side bar to Wounded Wear. Just one more way you and I can support those that are scarred so that we may live free.



10 thoughts on “Scarred so that others may LIVE FREE

    • I know. We cant give to every cause, but its a small company run by a wounded servicemen, so as much as I love The Wounded Warrior Project(and I do), I am going to focus on this one for a while and probably forever:)

      • Thank you! I too support Wounded Wear with my time and finances. I have volunteered with them and experienced first hand that this company is worthy of every bit of time and money others donate. They uphold the highest level of ethics and stand behind everything they say. They personally hand out clothing kits and meet with combat wounded vets while they’re in the hospital. I am so excited you shared this information about Wounded Wear and helped raise awareness of its mission. Thank you!

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