AAR- The Cornered Cat

Wow, what a weekend. There is no way to fit everything into one post, but I sure am gonna try.

Kathy, her associate Don, Lynne, TSM and I all met for dinner on Friday night. We ate at a lovely, quaint, family owned Italian restaurant. The restaurant was small and therefore only had about 10 items to choose from for dinner which was fine because everything sounded wonderful, unless you have a gluten problem…but, we explained the issue and the staff was so nice as to make TSM a grilled chicken breast “Paillard” and yummy citrus salad. As for the pasta…glutenly delicious. The conversation was lively, fun, serious, silly, educational, and included plenty of gun speak .

Saturday started very early for the hubby and me. John was not able to join us for the weekend meaning I was totally responsible for the range and all that takes place there. Obviously it was very important to me that everything was done right. I have set the range up numerous times, so that was not a problem. Easy peasy. Once that was done it was off to pick up the students at the assigned meeting place. Fortunately everyone found it without issue and was on time.

Sorry to bore you with the same ol’ same ol’, but I love being with the people on the range. Always terrfic people and this group was no exception. I am continually spoiled by the quality of students I get to spend time with on the weekends. Not a bad apple in the group. We had a good mix of men and women. Every single person was there to learn, had a great attitude, took to direction well, were fun, and most helpful.

I was finally able to meet Keads, but unfortunately it was short lived as he had to leave early. I was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to hang with him and Murphy’s Law. Life is like that sometimes…cruel and unfair:)

Late Saturday afternoon we did get a bit of a violent thunderstorm and had to retreat into the classroom, but the ever adaptable Ms. Jackson was ready with her holster presentation. I love this portion of the class because it provides very practical advice that actually helps people find workable solutions to their carry issues. Lots of great feedback and input from those in attendance that already carry. What has worked, what hasn’t…and Kathy provides solid real world solutions for people who have yet to find that “perfect” set-up.

Saturday night Kathy and Don found us a jewel of BBQ joint to eat at. Small, tucked in a corner, no hostess, very basic, mismatched glasses kind of eatery. The staff was exceptional, the food was beyond tasty and the company devine. I learned a lot about the business side of things and heard some very funny stories. We stayed there for hours. Had we not had to get up early for class we might still be there.

Sunday was a dream. Again everyone was on time and ready to go. The weather was beautiful. Mostly sunny with a slight breeze and a mild 80 degrees. Day two is always so much fun because that is when the drills get mixed up a bit.

Like one handed drills. This is Whitney showing-off her skills.

Kathy demonstrating and Brandon taking it all in. A word about Brandon…such a nice guy. He and his wife are sweet as southern tea and very helpful. Thanks to both of them!

This is Judy. She and I belong to the same women’s shooting group, but have yet to make it to the same event at the same time. It was a treat for me to finally meet her in person. She is a hoot and a darn fine shot.

Me with Sue. That beauty of a gun she is holding is my M&P. She had some problems with her gun, so I let her borrow mine and I must say both she and the gun performed beautifully.

The group. The gentleman with the brown shirt standing next to the woman with the white one are two of my most favorite people. I was so happy when they decided to take the class. I could go on and about this group, so I think I will. One lady, Trysta, took it upon herself to organize a student meet and greet dinner the night before. By the time I met them all on Saturday they had already become pals. Wendy is an accomplished hunter and I really enjoyed my chats with her. Cindy and Sherman, ahh, what to say about them. You would have had to have been in the class to understand how special. Oh, Dick and Joann…Funny as heck. Joann also had issues with her gun, so my husband lent her his M&P and as with Sue, both the gun and the operator did a splendid job. I worked a lot with a woman named Peggy. She was so cool because she was the person in her relationship that was the gun person. Her boyfriend has never shoot a gun before, but after her first day she went home and told him about it and now he wants to take a class. I think that is crazy cool. Last, but certainly not least…Gretchen. Gretchen reads the blog and we had been emailing back and forth for a while. She really wanted to attend the course, but didn’t live in the area. As luck would have it, her husband(a soldier) got stationed close enough that she could make the trip. She was our smartie pants of the group. Everyone was smart, but Gretchen, like someone else I know(me), tends to over think things in an effort to get it right. She was already getting it right, but once she let go a little and did what she knew to do…pure awesomeness.

I was not nervous for the weekend, but when I first started making plans to bring The Cornered Class to Virgina I didn’t know Kathy very well, I wasn’t working for John and I didn’t have any experience doing this kind of thing, so I was concerned about how it would all work out. I was initially concerned I might not be able to fill the class, but within 2 months we had 12 students and by class time 15. Kathy caps out at 16, so not bad for my first time out. I loved every second of the weekend and I am so glad that I took a risk and gave it a shot. Other than the rain I think it was pure perfection. If you have ever thought about hosting a guest instructor in your area, I say GO FOR IT! If you have never thought about it, start and think about inviting Kathy. She is great to work with as is Don! I have a pretty cool picture of me and Don, but it won’t upload.

Thank you to John for the use of his range. Thank you so much to Kathy for making the trip and thank you so very much to my husband who gave up his entire weekend(the open weekend of NFL football no less) to come out and help. A huge THANK YOU to the people who came out to the class. It was such an honor for me to be tiny part of your firearms training. Those that are just starting out and those that are already quite accomplished, you guys ROCK!


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    • Thanks Andy! It was an ego boost. Not in an errogant, I am the sh$@ way, but in a, wow, I didn’t know I could do that way. It was a lot of work, but the teamwork and corporation of everyone made my part much easier and really aided in the success of the weekend.

  1. A very good write-up of the class. It looks like everyone had a great time and really enjoyed being there. Thanks for the good report.

  2. Again, I’m jealous, dangit! LOL Sounds like an awesome time was had by all! And thanks for posting the pics, I now know what my “free” hand is supposed to be doing when shooting single-handed. Been trying that at the range the last couple of trips, and I must say my groups with right-hand aren’t bad, but with left….well…the folks on adjacent lanes are probably wondering where those extra holes came from. LOL

    • I loved that I took a similar class from Kthy as a student and then again with different eyes as an instructor/assistant. Many things she does differently than others I have learned from and I love having options to try out to find what works for me specifically. Where to put the weak hand is a good example of that.

  3. Cool! Other than the training itself, the thing I like most about going to “gun school” is meeting the other students.

    Pretty neat people. 🙂

  4. Thanks again for such an awesome weekend! AGirl, you were an excellent class organizer, and I really appreciated both you & TSM giving up the entire weekend to help make the class come together.

    I can’t say enough good things about the wonderful people we met this weekend. Every class is special, but this group of people was really out of this world cool. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I love while working with such good folks. (And yes, if you were in the class and are reading this, I do mean *YOU,* personally!)

  5. It was great to finally end up in the same location and meet you, AGirl. The class was a wonderful learning experience for me. I hope we get to connect again in the future!

    And thank you so much, Kathy and Don, for your pointers and suggestions. I’ll be starting on my ‘homework’ later this week. 🙂

  6. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. Much more exciting than mine, but at least I didn’t have to go in to work.

    PS – TSM missed the most amazing Skins game EVAR. He must really like you or something.

  7. We have a new LGS in the area that offers classes. WOO HOO!!!!!

    They do have classes that cater to women, and having somebody like Kathy come down for an event like that would be awesome. I haven’t taken a class from them yet, but it is on the list of things to get done soon. How would one go about talking with the LGS about a guest instructor and getting them in touch with Cornered Cat?

    You have my regular email address, so feel free to email me if you want to discuss it.

  8. I’ve heard so much about the course. Judy and I are friends. I’m really hoping you’ll do it again and that I’ll be able to attend next time.

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