My spectacular weekend of fun and learning while basking in the glow of gun smoke was not to be. The sexy Marine(Ret) and I headed out early Friday morning and made it all the way to Pennsylvania before we received a phone call and a matter that needed our attention. I was more than a little frustrated, but whatcha gonna do?

Instead of shooting, shanking and hopefully punching more than I go punched, I made cheesy eggs for my kids, did some last minute school shopping, did some field hockey activities, and had a lazy lunch with that same sexy Marine(Ret).

Today I sent all my kids off to school. M is now in high school and I spent this morning as I do every first day back to school…sick to my stomach. I like my kids a lot and I miss them when they are gone. A little run to clear my head was helpful though.

Tomorrow night is my interview for the EMT course. The class is oversubscribed, so I might not make it in…fingers crossed. If for some reason I do not get selected I have a plan B, so no worries.

I have also agreed to testify at a hearing in DC. Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to share and maybe have a positive impact on helping to change the laws in DC. Fingers and toes crossed on that one.

Other than that it’s the same ol’ same ol’. Training, working, studying, doing the mommy thing. You know…living the life!

14 thoughts on “Weeeeeeell

  1. Hooah. Good luck on getting into the EMT course. First Responders are awesome folks. I look forward to reading about your trip to testify in D.C. Hooah!

  2. I will pray that you get in to your class with flying colors and get to testify at the hearing in DC. Someone needs to knock some sense in those heads up there, lol……
    Sorry to hear about your plans for the weekend being canceled 🙁
    Have a great day!

  3. I’m sure you’ll make it into the EMT course….just think “at least half the people who show up will be below average!”

    I was a cop/EMT for several years. The funny part was…before I became and EMT, CPR and 1st Aid instructor, I did CPR about 12 times. After I became an EMT etc I only did it a few times….once I let it expire.

    It’s useful stuff that will help you in life, like: “Look there it’s a sucking chest wound…I know how to treat that with a flap thingy”

  4. Yep, life is, indeed, life – and it has a way of shifting priorities around! Nice that you just roll with the punches! And, not a bad way to spend a weekend – hubby, kids, good food . . . . not bad at all.

    You’ll make the EMT class, no worries . . .

    • I agree. I did not like missing the weekend or losing $400 to an event I couldn’t go to, but coming home was the right choice, so we made the best of it.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  5. Best o’ luck! Don’t take any guff off of those anti types. We have no room for tyrants here!

  6. Is it bad that my first thought was “testifah, sistah!” (said in best angry-black-woman voice…inside my head, of course)? You’re gonna kick butt in the class, and at the hearing, both! DC desperately needs some fresh insight and a healthy dose of common sense!

  7. I was caressing my P238 last night when an idea popped into my head. I’ve been drawing lots of portraits lately and…..I’m going to draw my Sig Sauer tonight. (no pun intended).

    I’d draw YOUR weapon, but it would be too hard to draw something I’m so jealous of.

    (no pun intended)

    • Oh, can’t wait to see your sig drawing. You are mighty talented. Don’t be jealous of my piece…I’ll let you shoot her if we are ever together:)

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