The Story

A few weeks ago Rabid Alien sent me an email and offered to read every single post I have ever written and then organize those that tell “The Story” of how I got here. I was beyond touched that he would take time out of his busy life, so that people who come here and are interested in understanding a little more about me can do so in one place.

Today he sent me his completed list of posts and Barron set up page dedicated to those posts. The page can be found at the top and it is titled, appropriately, The Story.

Thank you both so very much!!

20 thoughts on “The Story

    • LOL The book is better. Although, I hear they’re talking to Kate Beckinsale for the part of our intrepid heroine, AGirl…

      • They would have to have LOTS and LOTS of stunt doubles for the flick naturally. I dunno if Kate could handle the load.

        Moviegoer #1: LOOK! She’s training again!
        Whap! Pow! Bam! Oof!
        Moviegoer #2: Oh my God!
        MG#1 : That’s going to leave a mark.

          • Just about got the AGIRL Action Figure design completed. They should be available in time for this year’s Christmas season.

            Pull the doll’s string and she says all kinds of endearing things like:

            “Look at my new holster!”
            “I want a new holster.”
            “I’ll be in the kitchen making pancakes.”
            “I’ll kick your ass!”
            “Look at my new holster or I’ll kick your ass!”
            “I won’t hit you hard. I promise!”
            “Better like my pancakes or I’ll kick your ass!”

            I expect them to sell like hotcakes.


  1. Good job all. An excellent study into the personal growth of an individual looking to take responsibility for her own life as a free and independent person, not one who wants to be controlled, supervised and taken care of.

  2. I am not at all surprised by Rabid Alien and Barron taking on this project as I’ve gotten to know them. They’re both great guys. Good job to both of you!

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