The Longest Week

This week has just crawled along. I am so glad it’s over. Nothing bad happened, nothing is wrong, but it just felt like this week would never end.

I think I am too blah right now. I like to do a lot at once. I can sit and just be. I have no problem relaxing, but I can’t do it for to long or I get cranky. I have had a great time hanging with friends, lazy days of movies and reading with my kids, fun times at the pool and cooking more than I have in months, but now I am ready to do, do, do. Not instead of those things, but in addition.

The end of August can’t get here soon enough for me. Heading to Ohio, I might get to work, football starts and then it’s September! That is when the real fun starts. My EMT training begins and NCIS returns. My hunting journey is suppose to also take place. My husband and I are going to take a survival course in October, so that should be good. Trying to find one that is just right. My hubby knows so much already that I don’t want him to be bored and I do want to be challenged, so we shall see. I think we will start having mini training sessions where he can get me caught up on the basics and then by October we can head out and push ourselves a bit. Virginia actually has several options as does Maine. None seem to want me to be armed.

All that combined with kids, school activities, and holiday hoopla should keep me good and happy.

In the meantime I have been shopping. I bought some mag pouches, a knife for my 14 year old. It’s pink. Small flashlights for all the kids, some more para cord, 2 belts(one for me, one for the hubby), some first aid type stuff, & water purification tablets. I bought a knife, several actually. Three are training knives. My husband has relented and agreed to get a little more hands-on with me. Not that kind, the other kind, the I’m gonna punch you and shank you kind. He hasn’t wanted to do that, but I need the practice, so he has agreed. I bought a few other odds and ends things.

I was surprised at how little resistance we got from the teenager when my hubby told her she needs to start carrying a knife and flashlight. She simply said, “ok.” I am not sure if she is coming around or just realizes this is the new, permanent way we are gonna live, so she better get on board. Either way, I appreciated the positive response. Of course, everyday she says “I feel like a boy with all this stuff in my pockets.” I laugh and tell her, “I kind of feel that way sometimes too.” She smiles, giggles and says, “Yeah, well, you kind of act like one too.”

I don’t know what she meant by that, but I wasn’t about to ask:)

If everything goes as planned this weekend should be fun and adventurous. I’ll let you know.

**Edit** I forgot I also bought a 1000 rounds of ammo and this…

It’s a clip for sunglasses. The idea is to clip one part to the visor in your car and then clip the sunglasses to the other side, but I use them for this…

When I work at the range I am constantly putting on my ears and taking them off and it’s a pain. I put them on my head, but they fall off or I snap them on my leg, but when I move they move or I set them somewhere and that somewhere is never where I am when John yells…AGIRL, LET’S SHOOT. I kept thinking, if I had a clip of some kind and then the other day while waiting in line, I saw this item and thought…I wonder if that would work. I have tested them walking around my house and indeed it works beautifully.

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  2. I hear ya. The end of this week couldn’t get here fast enough. The end of this summer couldn’t get here fast enough.

    Be careful of Virginia’s craptastic knife laws, which basically say it is illegal to conceal a knife of ANY length.

    • Yeah, OC of knives is fine, concealed it has to be for a purpose other than used as a weapon. Pocket knives are fine and have other features like pliers and screw drivers. You would be surprised how many times my 8 year uses hers and never for self defense. She has cut things, fixed her bike, on and on. We really want our 14 year old to learn to do things for herself. If she needs a piece of rope cut, she can get her little knife and cut it instead of asking dad.

  3. Which knives did you purchase and what features and characteristics drew you to that make and model? I love knives and have almost as many as I have guns. Something about the common sense utility of knives makes them attractive to me.

    • I am just getting into knives. I bought the Benchmade Griptilian. I like that it is small and easy for me to open. Not a lot of features or anything complex, just open and use. I also bought the large TDI knife. I wanted one for a while, but didn’t want to spend the money, but I saw it for a much cheaper price and used that as my excuse:) I saw the small LDK on a you tube video(some guy, cant remember who) several months ago, so I bought it and thought a bigger one would be cool. I have not received either yet, so can’t give any feed back on them.

      Any insight??

      • Oh and I bought 2 training knives from NOK. A guy left a comment about them, I trust his judgement, so I bought 2.

  4. Now that you’re working at the range, I’d really suggest you look into the custom molded ones- They do a lot better at protecting your hearing (long term), and you can get them with inserts that damp noise up to 26dB. And yeah, check the carry laws on knives!

    • Can you send me a link to the VA survival courses. Something I have wanted to do as well. Getting the wife to go, may be a challenge, however.

    • Thanks Old NFO. I have checked the laws. The girls knives are not self defense and they are really multi-tools with a knife. E uses hers all the time to open boxes or to unscrew the tiny screws on her electric gaming things. M, the 14 year old usually relies on her dad to open or fix anything, so we want to use this tool as one more way to teach her self reliance. Neither of them are walking around town with concealed knives on them:)

      • Bass Pro – One of my favorite places to be. Great idea on the clip. Nice knives, too. Did you customize yours?

        When traveling in inhospitable areas, I buy and carry $1 or $3 throwaways (not hard to find). Decent knives I don’t mind giving up or chucking at the end of the trip if I must.

  5. Amen to the long week.
    Tell M I normally carry two knives – one spiderco and one neck knife (a Baby Shrimp I got from Crawdaddy Forge), a flashlight AND my CCW!
    And I’m still trying to figure out how to carry more stuff on my person.

  6. Honest to goodness it’s been a long 3.5 years . . . . . the Big “O” has truly worked me over in a big way, hopin’ for a change in November or will probably just pack my company in. Maybe 30 years is enough. Heavy Sigh.

    One of my EDC items is the Leatherman CS4 juicer – one of the best pocket tools I’ve ever carried.

    Hang in there, fall is coming . . . . keep breathing . . . . OOOOOOMMMMmmmmmmm! 🙂

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