This Is What Winning Looks Like

This is Mazie. She is one of our contest winners. Mazie has had quite a journey into the world or guns and self defense and she has faced many road blocks. She has had health issues that made conventional training a challenge, but fortunately she found an instructor willing to work with her and she is doing amazing.

She is a beginner. This video isn’t about grip or stance. It is about a woman who had no previous experience with guns, step out take a chance and persevere.

So very proud of you Mazie. Thank you for letting us share in your journey.

28 thoughts on “This Is What Winning Looks Like

  1. That is outstanding! Great job Mazie. It is wonderful that you are taking steps to begin shooting. We as a gun community should all be very proud of you. I know that I am. Awesome, very awesome. Hooah!

  2. You’re doing such a good job getting new shooters to the range, I feel I need to contribute in some way. Have you thought about A Girl And Her Gun Foundation? Or perhaps some sort of directed funding that can be done via NRA or NSSF?

    • No Andy I haven’t. I am awful at asking people for anything let alone money. One of the things I love about these give a ways is the spontaneous generosity of folks wanting to give. However, anytime someone wants to contribute even a tiny amount, I gladly accept it, set it aside and then add it to whatever give a way we have. I could maybe make it easier somehow though…

  3. Kind of reminds me of the first time my wife fired my 357. There is a certain kind of light, if you will, in their eyes. It doesn’t have to be a 357, but the look of sheer joy in their eyes speaks volumes.

  4. Maize, I am so very proud of you taking this step! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • I love it…we all have fears to face and it is crazy cool when someone has the courage to do just that!

  5. Mazie, wasn’t that AWESOME?! I remember the first struggle to pull the trigger (which at the time I was thinking of changing to a lighter one but am glad I didn’t, less chance I’ll shoot myself in the leg at work) and I ESPECIALLY remember the grin! Hubby said my face lit up like a Christmas tree. And I remember laughing… it was (and is) so fun! (gun geeks, is it bad if I laugh like a maniac at the range? does it scare anyone?)

    Keep shooting Mazie! I like how you hold the gun, you’ve already got that “finger off the trigger till you’re ready to fire” thing down pat. Great job! Thanks for sharing your video.

  6. My wife also has some physical challenges and is unable to work the semi autos so i bought her the 327 mag Taurus and she can hit what she aims at. The 327 round is hot and has a punch it has a lot less kick than the 357. It also fires all of the 32 rounds mag, long, acp and wad cutter so I like the versatility

  7. Oh my, thank you everyone for all the wonderful and encouraging comments! I’m so happy that I’ve made it to this point and am now shooting my revolver with the guidance of a range instructor, one whom I respect, admire, and completely adore. It’s all so very exciting and I can’t wait ’til my next lesson! I’ll be sure to send more videos and photos for everyone to enjoy. You’ve all been such a help to me, so supportive, and especially you have, AGirl. I am incredibly blessed.

  8. Way to go, Mazie!

    As the old quote says, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Congratulations on taking that step, and may the remainder of your journey be just as enjoyable.

  9. Mazie is amazing ! What a great smile ! It will just keep getting better ! Congrats !

  10. Wow! Who trained her? Most people don’t know to cock the pistol with the support hand and she didn’t flinch (you could see when she pulled the trigger in an empty cylinder).
    That’s how you get good!

    • Thanks so much for the super supportive comments on my shooting! My Instructor is Ralph LaRossa and we work together at the Chico Rod & Gun Club. I feel so honored to have him teaching me everything I need to know. He loaded the gun with .32 S & W long ammo, .327 federal magnum ammo, and he left some cylinders empty to test me on how I did on not flinching or expecting and reacting to a discharge, or whatever might happen. I enjoyed it all so much and I am so excited to get back out to the range for more training. Life never looked so good, nor been more exciting and rewarding than it seems to be now. Thank you everyone for all your support. It means the world to me.

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