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A while ago MSgt B posted about his friend writing a book and gave me a little nudge to read it and write abut it here. I would do anything he asked, so of course, I bought the book and read it. Quickly before you all say, “You would do anything???” Snicker, snicker…Yep, anything and I say that because I know even though he is smart ass and all, he is one of those chivalrous dudes we talked about before. Ok, link, book.

The book is called Survivors and it is written by the Holly Chism of The Anti-Soma blog. It is a compilation of short stories on people who have faced tough situations and how they handled it. I will be honest here, these stories are not really uplifting. They are raw and somewhat of a buzz kill, but that is life sometimes isn’t it? I sat down the first day and read about 4 or 5 stories and then stopped. I spent the next few days reading one or two stories at a time. She has a very nice writing style, the stories are compelling, and some of the stories have crazy twists and turns. Good stuff. My favorite one was “Suffer The Children”. It’s one of the more predictable stories, but I like the message and I can more than relate to the subject matter. All and all a pretty darn good book. I am glad it was suggested to me.

Michael Bane writes about the anti’s and how he doesn’t really care for them. Actually, he calls them his enemy. I have always tried to see people as people and no matter how much I disagree with them, I try not to make that disagreement an excuse to be hateful. I can’t stand when vegetarians use their love for animals to spew venom at anyone who doesn’t see their point of view. Same with anti abortionist. I, personal, am not a fan of abortions, but I don’t think we should go around killing folks who preform them or vilify women who make the choice to have one. I don’t want to be like those people, so I try not to behave like them by getting caught up in rhetoric that serves only to insight. Quietly living my life and choosing words carefully has been my modus appartus for most of my life. But, it is becoming harder and harder for me to pretend that these people are anything other than evil. A long time ago, I used to think that liberals and conservatives and those in between and those on the fringe were all the same and had the same goal, but simply had different philosophies for how to arrive at the destination. There is no way I can continue to naively believe that. These people are out to destroy. As Mr. Bane says, “Any and every person who wants to strip me of any fundamental right, especially those rights guaranteed by our Constitution, is not a fellow countryman with a different opinion…rather, they are blood enemies.” I have to say I agree with his assessment.

In a world where people say things like, “If you need anything let me know.” and “We should get together soon” and “I am there for ya.”, but aren’t there when you need something, never seem to find the time to get together and have never been there for anyone ever, I am beyond fortunate that I am surrounded by people of character like Jennifer. Go see what she did as a real tangible sacrifice to support to her friend.

And finally, last night I had a dream and I was none to pleased with Weer’d. For some reason we were at dinner. We were chit chatting about politics and having a grand time when we start to argue. I don’t know what we were fighting about, but I was all kinds of mad and I was yelling and over all freakin out. If you have ever seen me argue then you know that isn’t me, but apparently Weer’d brings out the my crazy side.


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  1. A few years ago I saw this young girl/lady going into a store near me. I knew she was battling cancer. She had shaved her head and you know what? She looked really attractive. More power to her and Jennifer. Kind of odd if you ask me, people talk about freedom yet most are so quick to put down those whose dress does not match their expectations. Same with religion. I don’t care if someone believes in green martians with pink polkadots. AS LONG as their beliefs don’t advocate doing harm to others and…..they do not try to shove their belief down my throat. Ever notice those that scream about gun laws making them safe almost never get it through their heads that they are responsible for their own safety. Either they are to lazy or else don’t have the balls to do it. I have read in many instances or articles that it is not the duty of law enforcement to protect people, the police are not legally required to do that. Yeah, they will come after the fact to investigate….try calling the police and telling them you are afraid of someone breaking into you home tonight and asking them to have an officer standing at your door. It is not gonna happen, they will do a drive by but having a law enforcement camping out at your place…..nope. We as a society as a whole have been so sheltered and brainwashed it is almost unbelievable. Bottom line……life is not fair, never has been.

  2. That’s one of the more outstanding qualities of the gunny crowd: the willingness to let others believe what they believe, as long as its not endangering anyone else or being forced down our throats as “the only way”, as Curt stated. That’s what I love about this group!

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