Be Determined

Everyone should have the kind determination that Derek Redmond displayed. It doesn’t matter if it is the Olympics or something less public like just trying to be a better mommy or better friend or facing some new challenges in your life or something you have fought for for years. It doesn’t matter if your race isn’t an actual race, but more of a personal battle, the attitude should be the same.

There are about a million reasons to quit. Don’t.

It’s worth mentioning too that everyone should have someone that will come to their rescue. Someone you don’t have to look for or ask help, they just come and say, “Then, we will finish it together.”

I love how his father came and helped. He literally and figuratively said, lean on me, but then let go of him to finish on his own. ┬áHe let him go, but the father never left his son. He was always there…in the stands, by his side, right behind him. Such a beautiful illustration of I got your six. No way to overstate the power found in that kind of love, that kind of support.

I hope that everyone finds whatever inspiration they need to fight whatever battle they are fighting and I hope that everyone is blessed with this kind of support.


4 thoughts on “Be Determined

  1. Still get choked up a bit whenever I see that video. That was some awesome determination that you don’t see much these days, and some AWESOME support from his Dad. Well said, AGirl…everyone needs a bit of that determination, and someone who will provide unconditional support in times of need. We should all be so lucky.

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