Wow and Some Other Stuff

One hundred percent of the time when I post something very personal like sharing that I am not good at telling people how I feel, I regret posting it and hundred percent of the time it ends up being a profoundly good thing.

I immediately started getting emails from people telling me either they struggle too or they used to struggle. It is easy to tell the people in our families we care and for me it is easy not to tell the people I dislike that, well I dislike them, but the in between people, that is tough on me and come to find out, it is tough for lots of folks.

Maura sent me a lovely note.Thank you for the sound words of wisdom and care. I got some great advice and encouragement from someone else as well. He has been a source of great strength for me for a while. Thank you CC for once again caring enough to share with me. I am deeply, deeply humbled by your belief in me.

That was the “Wow” portion. Now onto the “and Some Other Stuff.”

I read a couple military blogs. I never even knew they had milblogs until I was reading View From Under The Desk several months back. Angus posted about Neptunus Lex dying. I spent that entire night reading his blog and that led me to several other milblogs. I read This Ain’t hell, One Marine’s View and BLACKFIVE everyday. Today BLACKFIVE posted this and I thought that seemed like a good idea, so once a week, probably on Mondays I will re-post one of their tributes. I know today is Tuesday, but what the heck.

Sgt. Clifford Wooldridge.

I think Brigid has another excellent post here.

My husband left on Friday, so I haven’t slept well. I am not afraid or anything, I just miss him. I don’t like to be touched when I sleep. I always sleep on my right side and I always turn my back to whoever I am sleeping with. My kids, a friend if the sleeping arrangements are tight, even my husband, but with my husband, I always take my left leg and hook his. When he is gone, I often find myself trying to hook his leg and when I realize, half asleep, his leg isn’t there, I spend the rest of the night tossing and turning.

I am tired.


19 thoughts on “Wow and Some Other Stuff

  1. I feel your pain. My husband and I have very different sleep schedules. I am a early to bed person (before i had kids anyway) and he has always been a late night person but if he isn’t in bed by the time I think he should be I go looking for him

  2. I have the same problem with my family is away. I think it is that I expect to hear certain patterns of noise and when I don’t , I wake up. Oddly enough, I don’t have that problem when I travel on business. Seems odd, but it is what it is.

  3. I hate to sleep alone these days. I guess I’m just a big ol’ wuss but whenever Lu and I are apart I usually end up walking around like a bald zombie searching for sustenance.


    Well, maybe just some nice bacon 🙂

  4. if my jambaloney is away for 421 months straight – i won’t sleep a wink for the entire time. i feel your sleepless pain honey. take an over the counter medication and try and get some sleep. you need it hon.

    your friend,

    • Yes, I know how much your sweetie means to you. I am not one for meds, but hopefully tonight will be a little better.

      • hon – do you have access to a safe source of vervain, velarian, chammomile or sage? if you do, get some of that fresh or dried. all will help you sleep. or a combination which is better. you need your sleep. i am worrying.

        your friend,

        • kymber, you are so sweet and I do appreciate your concern. I am tired, but not stressed. It’s been good cuz I have caught up on books I have been wanting to read, but when my man is here, I usually don’t feel so much like reading when we got to bed:) I will try your herbs though.

          • let us all know if you get some sleep tonight…you need your sleep hon. i am glad that you are catching up on books – that will tire your mind out and it will definitely help you sleep. i am sending sleeping thoughts your way. i want you healthy and happy my friend!

  5. I miss sleeping by myself. Sometimes I sleep in thespare room just to remember what its like to have plenty of room and more covers than I can use!!

    As for milblogs, personally, I like Michael Yon’s online magazine and would greatly recommend it. He could also use some help on the Red Cross issue for medevacs.
    Check out “Gates of Fire”, my fav.
    Also, amazing photographs.

  6. LOL, yep, it’s ALWAYS interesting when one is ‘missing’ the SO. Eventually you’ll get ‘comfortable’, then he’ll be back and you’ll be back to fighting over the covers and not getting enough sleep then either… 🙂

  7. kymber, I slept very last night!! I didn’t get into bed until 11:30 or so, but I was out in about 2 seconds and stayed out until 6am when A crawled into bed with me and asked for eggs:) thanks for caring.

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