Training Video With Arete

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Well, actually that is a scene from Shake It Up on Disney Channel, but that is pretty much how things go at the park. The only real difference is that I almost never wear blue and Arete has a beard.

13 thoughts on “Training Video With Arete

    • Ya know, I am not sure how to answer that. On the one hand if I say me(it’s totally me), he is gonna get on my case for not being confident(totally a joke dude). On the other hand if I say it’s him(it’s me), he is just gonna make me suffer( he never would) in training.

      • I think I would rock that blue uni-tard like a champ! But I also think it would be very scary for everyone around that had to see it! (Begin eye gouging now)! As for confidence it takes a whole lot to rock an outfit like that and go public so I would say you have that, making you suffer in training is not a bad thing, it is a building block for personality.


  1. I’m trying not to picture you in blue tights, ,,,,,,, let’s not go there, hahahhahahh !!

  2. Oh, i know you could pull it off, the look that is, that’s no problem ! On second thought I would like to see that video ! Super heroine in blue tights saves victim from bad guy !

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