I sent my husband to the store to pick up a few things. We kind of like each other, so even though the store is only a few blocks away, when he got there he texted me.

Him- U miss my already?

Me- Indeed. Hurry

Him- R u hungry?

Me- I saw the “h” and assumed you were gonna say horny, but yes.

Him-There are no cheese brots.

Me- There are cheese brots.

Him- Never mind found them.

Him- Are your horny?

Me-I assumed you were gonna say hungry, but YES!

Him-Figured I would send you a nude picture of me!

Racy, I know. Clearly he hasn’t seen this post.

P.S. This is an old pic one of the kids took. He was not texting and driving.



23 thoughts on “Sexting

  1. You owe me a new keyboard. Well played on the link usage. Text messaging certainly counts.

    Serious Note:
    Anything in digital form that can easily be reproduced or shared. Remember regarding “sexting” and mms messaging etc. Your phone provider stores a copy of that message. Just because you thought you only sent it to X, it can end up in anyone’s hands.

    Not to mention if you send the message to the wrong number, your boobs can end up on the phone of J Random Dude.*

    *That is a real story and I will not implicate the players involved. I do happen to know both the sending and receiving party. The wife and I both burst out laughing when she told us what happened… we thought it was funny. But what if it had been J. Random Dude she didn’t know? Can you say posted to internet?

    • Lol. One keyboard on its way.

      I am so careful about texting. Sometimes I text my hubby and Arete at the same time or maybe John(never a threesome, but I have experimented with the bi-texting) I would hate to send the wrong thing to the wrong person.

      I am not as uptight as I might appear,but for the reasons you mention, I don’t send pics to my man that I wouldn’t want my kiddos to see. AGirl and her xxx on the Internet would not be good a thing.

    • A co-worker kept getting pics from a random woman on his phone. He finally texted her back saying,” Sorry, I’m not Bob.”

      Her response, “Oh. Okay. So, what do you think of my (pics)?”

      • That is disturbing on so many levels while at the same time I’m conflicted with the, “Why doesn’t stuff like that happen to me?”

        • Oh my, that is disturbing and unlike The Minuteman, I am quiet thankful things like that do not happen to me:)

          • I wasn’t meaning with sending to the wrong person… Why don’t I get confused for Bob? Receiving random texts can be entertaining, so I’ve been told.

          • Barron, I knew what you meant…I was saying getting pervy pics from some random chic didn’t sound fun, but then again…

  2. My hubby doesn’t text 🙁 just old school like that but email…….
    I have on two occasions sent the wrong iperson a message via text/messaging. One time was to my manager – oops did manage to get out of that gracefully though. The other was meant for one work co- worker and went to another. The receiver though is a really good friend so she was cool.

  3. You’re going to get some incoming visitors via Google search on this one. Incoming disappointed visitors …


    • Ha! I didn’t think of that, but yeah my husband’s arm and some cheese brots probably isn’t what they are looking for.

  4. Damn it. I was so expecting to see pics of Mr. A Girl in the buff. Such a let down!

    Guess I’ll have to resort to sexting MSgt B. You ever done that? 🙂

    • I have done that, but I thought those messages were going to you:) I think he blushed when he got the picture of my knee.

  5. It so warms my heart to see a husband and wife who are so clearly in love with each other. All too uncommon these days.

  6. Back before they had a cell phone and texting from the kids, my stepmom got an obscene phone call. She was trying not to laugh, and held the phone out so we could hear the heavy breathing and promises of what he was going to do to her nubile (81 year old) self. Finally she interrupted him.

    “Son have you SEEN me lately?

    He hung up.

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