It Was Hot

This weekend out on the range was a scorcher.  Saturday was near 102 with a heat index of 109 I think.  This made the day go much slower than normal as frequent breaks were mandatory.  FPF has awnings with a not so fancy misting system.  What the system lacks in high tech-ness, it makes up for in function.  The water felt good.  I am kind of a heat seeker and loved the temps, but for most people it was not a pleasant experience.  My only real issue was that I am also a sweat-er, so my pants were not all that comfortable to wear.  The fabric kept me from having all those nasty sweat marks though and since I put up targets and people see my backside often, I was especially thankful for that.

John was concerned for the student being out in the heat for 2 days, so the class showed up to the range on Sunday earlier. That way the training would be completed before the full heat of the day was upon us.  Sunday was also slightly cooler. All worked out well.

This class was full of men.  No ladies this time.  Interesting to note that regardless of if the class is all women, all men or a combo, the ratio of skilled to not quiet as skilled remains the same. 

As with every other group of folks that has come through the people were great.  A little more laid back than other classes, but fabulous nonetheless.  The men do not seem to have any issue at all taking correction or suggestions from me. I have been somewhat conditioned by things I have read to think that the guys will have an problem with me, but not one has.  No matter what I say, they listen, thank me, and then do it and fortunately 100% of the time it has improved their accuracy.  People are looking to shoot better and I have found that most don’t care who is telling them, if it works, they are happy.

Charles the guest instructor was there again teaching his loading/reloading/malfunction drill segment.  Such a nice guy. I ran a drill on the line which was pretty cool.  I was taken by surprise as I was not aware that I was going to run the drill, so for a minute I had a deer in the headlights look on my face, but jumped in soon after. 

All and all a rather uneventful weekend, but still a great time.  Loved being there with the gentlemen, did a little shooting, and got see all the happy faces as they drove off on Sunday.  Another win.

4 thoughts on “It Was Hot

  1. “…and got see all the happy faces as they drove off on Sunday.”

    That right there is what its about. I love that feelin! …almost as much as pullin the trigger on a .45!

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