I can’t remember if I have told you all this already or not. If I have just grit your teeth and bare with me. 

I am not a fickle person.  I am very committed and I see thing through. I think I have said this before, the one about the treadmill, I bought one and ran it into the ground and then bought another and did the same, Yes? No?  Ok, doesn’t matter.  The point is I might say I am thinking about this or that and not do them, but once I decide I am doing something, I do it.

However lately, I have not been able to get to all of the things I am “committed” to doing. I have these brilliant, I say brilliant photo ideas for conceal carry, but I can not find the time to get with my friend to finish that project. I have been planing on pillaging my neighbors trash in a kind of adventure-learning-to-survive-on-my-own-homage thing to kymber’s husband, but that hasn’t happened. I have a few new ideas for the blog that I think are original, about guns, and might be helpful to someone, but no way can I carve out a millisecond to plan it out let alone set the wheels in motion. Not doing to well on the follow through.

I just finished reading Surviving a School Shooting:A Plan Of Attack For Parents,Teachers and Students. Before that I was reading The Admirals and a book Called Fearless, neither of which I have finished, so what on earth possessed me to buy another, I will never know, but I did.

Based on the recommendation left in the comment section of my blog by Phil Wong I purchased Emergency by Neil Strauss. My kids are preoccupied, so I dove right in.

Right from the beginning I knew this was a book for me. From the prologue…

The author of the book is with his friend, Mad Dog.

Fuck, I am suppose to kill a goat today. And I couldn’t even kill a fly in my room last night. Really. Sadly, I just put a drinking glass over it, covered the opening with a saucer and then set it free outside. I am a victim of my own empathy.

From chapter one…

Preparing myself for hard times has been incredibly challenging, because some people were born tough. I wasn’t. My parents live on the forty-second floor of a seventy-two-story building in Chicago.  they didn’t camp, hunt, farm, cook, or even fix things themselves.

As for learning skills after leaving home…nothing about growing food or building fires or defending yourself.  In fact, I had never even been in a fight in my life though I had been mugged twice.

From chapter two…

The author is trying to find a group of people who think the world is going to end. Not just average folks, but extremist.  He calls them “death cults.”  He finds a group he would like to spend New Year’s Eve 1999(you know the whole Y2K year 2000 thing) with, House Of Yahweh.  He calls them up.

The public relations leader says, “It’s going to happen soon, and it’s going to be over the seven-year-agreement that took place on the White House lawn between Rabin and Arafat.” He went on. “In the news, Russia…”

He paused for effect and then concluded: “There isn’t going to be any warning.”

“That makes sense.” I replied. Those words actually came out of my mouth. I am a very empathic person. I tend to see a person’s point of view easily, even if that person is criminally insane. 

Yeah, this book is for me.

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  1. Awesome! Thank you. From my signed in account about seven other words are highlighted. Maybe it’s just to get me to click, but Blogger doesn’t actually keep them highlighted when I publish.

    • Is it blogger doing that? Or is it some add-on/tool that has been installed into your browser?

  2. I just copied your text into my blogger post, as if I were posting the words that you had posted, and I have nothing turning into links.

    • If you have a different browser installed, thy using that. My guess is something helpfully installed itself as an extension to your browser.

  3. I read Emergency a couple of years ago. Interesting book for people just learning about survival. Most of it I was familiar with, but for many it can be quite informative.

  4. hurry up and finish reading it! like don’t sleep and stuff! and then come back and tell us what you think of the book….i am intrigued!

    jambaloney says next garbage day – get up at 4:00, dress in black, conceal carry, don’t make noise and don’t startle any cats – and get digging through some garbage!!! bahahahahaha!

    your friend,

    • Ha, but at least I have all the important stuff covered…family, work, training, friends and a little one on one with the man;)

  5. Well, I’m of two minds here. If the fan gets some fecal matter on it, I will do what I can. OTOH, I am torn with the “Well, as long as you are on the Titanic, you might as well enjoy the Prime Rib”, you know how it is going to turn out.

    I said that as I bought a transfer switch and generator to run the well pump. YMMV.

  6. It’s a quick, short read, but you might want to try reading “A Distant Eden”, by Lloyd Tackitt. It is available for download (you don’t have to own a Kindle, you can download software right there at Amazon for reading it on your home desktop or laptop) for the princely sum of 99 cents.

    It includes some Special Forces guys (the main character’s son and a few of his buddies) which puts it just a tiny bit over the top, but most of it is simply about a large family separated from each other and how they are able to survive and get back together. The author gives some excellent recommendations and suggestions for survival (by the rest of us mere mortals) that many other sources do not give. Worth a whole lot more than the .99, I guarantee.


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