It’s Thursday, Right?

Man, I feel like I have been running non stop for a month.  When the kids were younger our summers were lazy days of lounging by the pool, but now that they are all involved in activities, I am one hopping mama.

On the other hand I feel like a lazy bum because it has been a month since I have done any training at all…no running, no shooting(mostly) and no fighting.  I have put on 4 pounds in a month which I don’t like, but good news the doctor cleared me to reengage into all normal activities as I feel able.  The x-rays showed everything healing well and I do feel much much better.  The mornings are the worst time, but even so, not awful.  The problem now will be getting Arete to find time in his schedule.  He has probably enjoyed the respite from my obsessive love to train, train, train.

I have been visiting American and Armed.  It is blog written by a young guy named Tyler.  He is a new blogger who likes guns and freedom. I thought it would be nice if you all popped on over to give him a little support and welcome him aboard.

The Give-a-Way winner will be announced a week from today!  I enjoy symbolism.  It is neat that someone will be winning a gift that helps move them into more freedom.  To offer that gift on a day our country celebrates it’s ideals of being a free nation, of being a free people is special.

I got an email from a lady who wanted me to share her story of success with all of you.  I am a happy story sharing girl, so I agreed, but let me give you a little background.  This woman entered the first Give-A-Way that I did.  She didn’t win, but she didn’t let that stop her from getting training, a gun and her CCL.  In addition to that she works in a gun-free zone that requires special permission from a judge in order to carry a gun into that particular place of business.  It was not an easy road and it has taken her almost 6 months, but she succeed on all accounts.  That is a big fat win!


So, boss has been being kinda nice since I let it be known that if I didn’t start getting more praise, and being treated equally, I would be gone. He was trying to justify not giving me a raise, and I let him think about it over night. His point was that the commissioners were the only ones who could give a raise. I told him “BS, I know you gave co-worker a raise last year. Now, you’ve shown me that I have absolutely no incentive to be a better worker, a better employee and most importantly, a better bridge between this office and the public we serve.”

The next morning, I walked into his office and told him there were three things he could give me and they didn’t cost a cent.  Respect, praise, and a sense of equality. Those things don’t cost a cent.” I then walked back to my desk. He didn’t come out of his office for a long time and when he did, nothing was mentioned about our conversation.

Today, the Circuit Court judge, the only one who can give approval for concealed carry in our gun (and security) free building had some time in between cases. Nonchalantly, I said to boss “Hey, let’s go talk to the judge about my CPL”. I fully expected him to hem and haw his way out of it, to find some reason to not follow up on his promise. Guess what? He said YES!!

We went to the judge’s chamber. Very scary for me. All he said to me was “Have you had the training? Are you mad at anyone? And then he looked at me for a long time, and said “Just be sure. When you decide to use your weapon, after you’ve pulled it out, be sure about what you’re doing.” I kinda gulped and said “OK”. I don’t know if he saw my hesitation. I was hesitating because, back when this all started all the cops had drilled into me that “you only pull your gun if you’re going to use it”.

And here’s where your props come in. I never would have stuck to it without your posts and emails. Your drive and dedication are awesome. You always make me think (I think my kids would be mad if I walked into the grandkids schools and asked to see their policies!) You’ve shown me, again and again, how to look at things from a different angle. So, sorry this is so long. I wanted to thank you SO  MUCH for all the encouragement and help. And if you feel any of this can help someone else, go ahead and post about it.

Thanks so much!

On Sunday I think I get to do some shooting on a little blogger road trip to a range I have never been to and I believe I will finally meet some people I have been anxious to meet.  That is if I can ever get an answer on the time of said trip.  I didn’t think I was going to get to go because of the ribs and a conflict, but the universe is conspiring to work out all the details for my benefit and I am beyond happy.  I think the Marine gets to come too.  A smokin’ hot man(not talking about you this time MSgt B), friends, shooting…really, is there anything better???

19 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, Right?

  1. Nice to see your friend plant her feet! Step-by-step – you are changing the lives of many folks Ms. A – good job!

    As for kids and running around – all I have to say is: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! No kids to run around today – or tomorrow – or . . . .” 🙂 However, the Grand Critters are approaching that age where GM took Miss A to pony camp this year, Ms. E was too little but will have some “special lessons with GM” – so looks like be better get ready for round two! 🙂

    Enjoy your day Ms. A!


    • I don’t mind running them around. I like busy. I get kind of grumpy when I have nothing to do. I was very good this last go round though. Didn’t cheat(much) and I wanst snippy or anything. It did feel good to run though…it was slow and unimpressive, but it was movement.

  2. Way to go Eva!
    I hear ya on the healing and the kids! C- section last week knocked me out but I see a light and I don’t think it is a fright train at the end of this tunnel!
    We were going to put Mr. W in swim this summer but think it will need to wait till next year since I can’t drive right now!
    Here’s to a happy productive summer full of healing and training to all of us!
    Poniegirl in TX.

  3. Take your time getting back into the vigorous stuff. Start with endurance training so you can go the distance and more, if you have to – endurance beats all else. My foot re-awoke to it’s own injury – apparently I need to wear better shoes than flip-flops more often…
    Your friend is in a place where at least she CAN get a CPL, and good for her doing so. I’m not, so I’m a bit jealous but I’ll get by.

  4. Good story, and one more positive step! Re Sunday, it’s at Noon, and yes your Marine is more than welcome! 🙂

  5. “A smokin’ hot man(not talking about you this time MSgt B)”

    I had no idea…Andy always seemed a little frumpy to me…

    You’ve been MSgt B’ed (Your statement gets purposely misunderstood in a manner contrived to produce maxium discomfort/embarrassment) Win!

    If you call me tomorrow or Saturday, we can work out a spot to meet up around here before we caravan.

  6. Hey thanks for the mention! Great to hear that you are recovering well. Time to go run and shoot some more!

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