A New Holster

I know I already told you about the holster that White Dog Holsters donated to the current Give-A-Way, but now I get to tell you about the one they made for me!!!

The fine, fine folks over there contacted me and said, “we would love to make you a holster if you would like”.  You know how I just love to make people happy, so I made the HUGE sacrifice and let them make me a holster.  Isn’t she beautiful???!!!!!

Not just a pretty face though, she is also top notch quality.  My gun, M&P, fits nicely in there.  More snug than my gun fits in the Crossbreed I often wear.  I wore the holster the night I got it and all day yesterday and again today.  So, so, comfortable.

I like the Crossbreed very much.  It is a good quality holster, but the way it is made the barrel of my gun sticks out the bottom of the kydex which leaves a rather interesting print.  With the White Dog holster my barrel is completely covered and thus the print is more flat which is more comfortable and less odd looking.

Still a bump there, of course, but with a light cover garment, the good size gun disappears. These shots are never very flattering.  Moving on…I carry mostly concealed, so the look of the holster is more for me as not many people will actually see the design, but I like pretty things.  I wear lots of pretty things that are hidden from the view of the public, but somehow having them on makes me feel good, just like this holster does. 

THANK YOU again White Dog!!!!!!!

20 thoughts on “A New Holster

  1. Interesting data point on the comfort of White Dog vs Cross Breed. And good marketing on their part, as until I read about them on your blog I had not heard of them.

    Do you use a gun belt?

    • I have a thick black leather belt that I bought at Bass Pro Shop or somewhere. I am mostly a black girl. I don’t wear much brown. I really need to get another belt though.

    • Then I recommend an actual gun belt. The leather ones are either very thick leather or leather reinforced with kydex. I have a black and brown leather one from Comp-Tac. But you can get them from a bunch of holster makers. Makes all the difference in the world if you ask me.

    • Yeah. The one I have works so well and really distributes the weight, but I wear it everyday, so I need more than one belt. I am in perpetual looking mode and never make the leap to actually purchase one, but I need to get on it. Thanks for the recommendation. They actually have a belt that tapers in the front. I have seen and tried on, maybe I will bite the bullet and order one.

    • Heh…”gun belt”…”bite the bullet”…I see what you did there! Clever!

      (yeah, the heat’s baked my noodle again this year)

  2. That’s a nice looking holster that looks to be very well made. Is there any significance to the pink butterfly or stories behind it? I will point out to you that people with your lean build have difficulty finding good quality holsters that fit properly and conceal well.

    • The lady who works with her husband at White Dog designed the holster. She chose the butterfly because I had a butterfly on the back of my Glock. That butterfly was put on my gun by My Glock Guy. I think it is a nice touch of feminity without being over done.

      Yes, concealing is a challenge for most of us regardless of shape, but my body doesn’t leave much room to hide anything.

  3. I would like your opinion on something. I wear my holster on the outside of my jeans, but with a long t-shirt and there’s always a bulge. Does that make it an ‘un’concealed weapon?

    I’m right handed and use my left hip, with the heel facing forward.

    They make ‘gun purses’ with a convenient pocket, but if anything is going to be grabbed OFF a woman, it would be her purse. Then the robber not only has the purse, he’s now armed. (talk about being humiliated)

    • Lol, well if it can easily be identified as a gun then yes it is an “un-concealed” concealed gun. Lots of thoughs on that. For most people they don’t notice even if the gun if totally open carried, but for me I like the “surprise” and low key-ness of being more concealed. I am for the most part not a fan of purse carry for the reasons you described. When I went to the doctor tis week for my rib check up, I knew I was going to have to disrobe, so I did carry in my purse though.

      In most cases for me, layering tends to break up the line and conceal even my bigger guns. The extra layer can be rough when it is a 100 degrees out though.

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