Mish Mash

Yesterday after my training with Arete, I came home, wrote a quick post(I was pretty excited) and then gathered up my kids to head to swim team.  As I sat there chit chatting with the other moms and dads, my chest began to hurt.  Hurt to breath, hurt to move, hurt not to move, HURT, HURT, HURT.  Each hour it got worse and worse, so my husband grabbed me some Tylenol in hopes it would help.  It did not.  I didn’t whine or cry, but by the time I got home everything I did sent a wave of pain through my body.  It was painful just to slice the pork for the tacos. I thought tomorrow morning is gonna suck.  To my surprise, I am actually not in much pain.  My chest is sore, but totally bearable and although completely covered in bruises from head to toe, I don’t really ache.  I am seriously tough as nails people. Tough as nails.

I am super relieved about this because as I sat there in pain last night I wondered how I was going to get through a long weekend of work.  I considered a flask full of martinis to ease the pain, but new students, guns and alcohol seemed like a bad idea.  Plan B was a few thousand milligrams of Vitamin M(Motrin for you non- military types), but looks like Plan C will work…I am gonna be fine.

Good new is that I get to work, bad news is I can’t go to Nancy R’s kid shoot, but my husband is going to attend in my place.  He is bringing E and the one we call The Boy.  I was really looking forward to it, but 1. when you have to work you have to work and 2. I LOVE to work. E is bouncing off the walls in anticipation.  All morning that was the talk at the breakfast table. Hopefully she won’t be too shy. Shy is not a concern with The Boy. I am making goodies today for them to bring and share. 

Really good post over at God, Gals, Guns, Grub.  A few things to think about beyond the normal self defense stuff.

Get over being a victim- check(done with that)
Learn to use a gun- check(gonna keep doing that)
Get a warrior mindset-check(fine tuning that)
Fight with a Marine/MMA dude- check(so, gonna do that again and again and again)

All and all some pretty good accomplishments.  I would say we are well on our way.

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  1. You might have cracked or bruised your sternum or a rib so being checked out by a physician, PA or MA might be a good ideal. Also, give your husband a pat on the back for taking the kid’s to the Kid’s Shoot, it is important to introduce them to firearms and teach the basic firearms handling and safety skill’s. You are very fortunate to be married to someone who is willing to step up and be a father and a partner to you.

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