Would You Mind Repeating That?

No, no, I don’t mind at all…I HIT HIM. I HIT HIM. I HIT HIM!!!!!!

In fact I gave him a bloody nose and for a short time his hand didn’t really work because of where I punched him.

The bloody nose was an accident, but the point is I punched him.  Not once or twice, but again and again.  I didn’t need him to threaten me or even dig deep into my inner anger, I just did it.

I got to the park and Arete was there.  He said, lets go and I was like umm, what, ok.  He started throwing punches and I did the normal blocking deal and then when I saw a chance I hit him.  It wasn’t pretty or super hard, but I hit him without provocation, other than then the fact that I was getting hit. After the first hit, I smiled and I thought, that was easy.  As the training progressed I got more comfortable and hit, punched, blocked, kneeded, you know all around kicked butt.

When he is ready to fight he puts his fist up which means I should do the same because he doesn’t always wait for me to do so before he starts hitting me.  Towards the end he put his fists up, but not like he was really prepared, so I punched him in the chest and said, “You should have your hands up.”  So, he smiled, put them up and then I punched him in the stomach and said, “A little slow.”  He smiled again and then came at me. I did take a beating for that, but it was so worth it.

His punches were harder and faster.  I am not so fond of getting punched in the stomach, but I totally took it.  I end up on the ground a lot, but I am getting faster and avoid it more often and once I end up there, I am getting meaner. 

After my cocky smack talking deal, he grabbed me and picked me up to throw me on the ground.  Normally, I fight to get a way, but this time I grabbed him into me, pulled him down on top of me and pushed(I suspect he helped launch himself as to not completely crush me)him over my head.  Unfortunately, I pulled him right on top on my body and the weight of his body landed right between my breast as I hit the ground.  I heard some cracking and thought, Huh, that hurt.

I did have to take a tiny little second to lay there.  He asked if I could breath and I said yes and I only needed about 30 seconds before I was back up and ready to go.  Thinking it is gonna hurt tomorrow.

If I leave my one foot out in front of the other one, he steps on it.  Annoying,  so one time his foot was out in front of the his other foot and I stepped on it.  I think I ended up on the ground.  He said, “Hey, I haven’t taught you everything I know.”  I said, “Don’t care, if I see it I am gonna try”.  “I would rather get the crap kicked out me then be afraid”.  I got a high five.

Did, I mention I HIT HIM?!

32 thoughts on “Would You Mind Repeating That?

  1. Cool!

    Once upon a time I had a boyfriend who decided to take a swing at me. I kicked his feet out from under him and knocked him to the ground. That was a warning I eventually heeded, but he never raised a hand to me in the interim. Bad guys are usually bullies who aren’t prepared for a response in kind.

  2. :singing…badly…: “She’s a butt-kicker…she’s a butt-kicker, she’s kickin’ but now…ow, ow, ow….!”

  3. Well done! I will mind my manners on the range with you this weekend.

    • Ha! John doesn’t let me hit any of our students for some reason:). Looking forward to see you tomorrow. I’m gonna show off all of my bruises:)

  4. Congrats to you!!! Your a-ha moment finally opened the door for you to go on through.

    You should be proud!

    There are moments when things suddenly become clear, perspective makes complete sense, and the path forward lights up as if laid out before you on a golden platter. This week was one of those times.

    I wanna see pics of the bruises! lol

    • I am totally proud. Do not know what all the fuss was about…it was easy:)

      The bruises are not that impressive. The last bruise I had on the back of my leg was so narly. It didn’t show up well on camera, but it was nasty. I loved that bruise. I looked at it all the time. These are more like deep tissue pain with marks, but nothing like what I was expecting. It was a lot more intense this time and he hit much harder, but I just look like a got in a fight, but not super cool. Not sure what the deal is. Although M, said, “mom, those are awful. you have to stop this.” Not a chance my sweet angel, not a chance:)

  5. Good for you! Stepping up and throwing strike’s at another person is far different from block’s or break away’s. It’s also an important part of self defense as sometime’s the distraction of ringing your attacker’s bell will distract them long enough for you to regroup. Give yourself a pat on the back, you earned it.

    • Thank you!!! I did give myself a few pats…lol. Thanks for all of your encouragement Sport Pilot. I hope you know how much you have helped me.

  6. I think what you’re doing is commendable. I would so want and love to do exactly what you’re doing in learning total self-defense, on all levels. My problem is that I’m fragile, ill chronically, and weakened from my health issues. I also have bilateral total hip replacements which can dislocate easily (they have done just that three different times – and it hurts awfully!). How can I find a way to learn adequate self-defense? Are there modified lessons that are appropriate for one such as me? Thank Goodness I do have guns and am learning how to use them for self-defense. Otherwise, I am no match for anyone if they wanted to do me harm. Then again, you’d be surprised the strength and vigor that can ‘materialize’ in a seriously deadly situation where innocent lives count. Then super-mazie would have to hulk up instantly via adrenaline and right is might mindset. Any tips, my Friend?

    • Mazie, I am going to email you, but yes a good instructor should be able to modify for your needs. I would say the more fragile you are the more you need to up your odds. I am fortunate to have access to the training I have, but I am sure we can find you something. If you are comfortable Ilwe can say where you generally live and I bet we can get some good reccmnedations from folks.

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