A Little Of This And A Little of That

I DID IT.  I finished Above Reproach!!!  You people should get this book.  Not gonna tell you anything about it because that would ruin the fun for you, but I will say I loved it! 

There is a very nice lady who follows me on FB and is looking for quality firearms training. She lives Northeast of Dallas TX and is looking for something in the area.  I asked around and got a recommendation, but that facility is located Southwest of Dallas and she is not interested in dealing with the traffic.  Apparently it is not fun.  Any suggestions for her?

I really, really, really think if you are a new shooter(anyone actually) you should be reading what Bill has to say.

Someone asked me recently what my favorite thing about writing my blog is.  Can’t answer that question because I get so much from it, but when I get emails from other women telling me that something I said motivated them in someway to make a positive change or two in their life, that means the world to me. Yesterday was a good day for that.  I got 4 such emails.  I have said it before and I will say it again, the person who makes the change or faces the fear or overcomes the obstacle, they get full credit.  Those changes say something about them, about who they are and it says nothing about me, but that I was a tiny part of their step forward(Obama has totally ruined that word for me.  I almost can’t even use it anymore) is pretty cool.

My husband and I have an appointment with the superintendent and “other” staffers tomorrow to discuss the safety issues we are concerned about.   Last night I was thinking about it and I wondered how many other parents have requested a meeting.  Very interested to hear what they have to say.  Wish us luck!

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  1. I used to go to a place just outside of Fort Worth called Bluff Dale Firearms Academy, and trained with an excellent instructor named Steve Moses. His website has gone the way of the Dodo, but I have heard from other trainers that he is still training. Contact him at [email protected] and see if he is still offering classes.

    • I went with That Guy to both a carbine and handgun training with Steve and it is was an incredible experience. We drove something like 8 or 9 hours and it was worth it.

  2. I’m in North Dallas, but unfortunately I don’t have any good suggestions – I’m looking as well. If you could put me in touch with her, I do have some resources for her, just nothing I can actually recommend (yet). twoamama at gmail

  3. Plano just opened up a new gun range (I think its new, anyway…maybe just renovated): http://www.texashandgunacademy.com/ I haven’t done any training there (or anywhere, yet), but the facilities look nice. http://www.dfwgun.com/ is also one that gets some great reviews.

    We live in Hurst, between Dallas and Ft Worth (closer to FW), and go to a range in NE Fort Worth, and would love to get a Dallas group together sometime and do a shoot-n-lunch, wherever would be best for everyone. Shoot her over to MrsAlien’s bloggy, I know MrsA was wanting to get a group of ladies out for a girl-gunny day (lemme wander over there myself, see if I can find the entry…nope, can’t find it. I’ll have to post it later, once I consult with the Bosslady.)

    • I’d be interested in a Dallas group for a shoot-n-lunch, or even just a quick range trip. Have MrsAlien contact me too, please!

  4. Bluffdale has closed. Steve has moved to Tyler for work, and I don’t know if he still teaches now. E-mail sent

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