The Drought Is Over

This morning  MSgt B, CTone, Nancy R, David, and Angry Andy , who is aparently actually Broken Andy, were getting together at the range and I was able to join them!!!  I took a picture, but it is all kinds of blurry.

We met at the range an hour before it opened and just did the chit chat thing.  I was going to make a joke about how they were all jerks and I didn’t like them at all. Every time you read about one of these bloggy get togethers it is just one big lovefest, so I thought I would shake things up a bit, but I couldn’t do it.  I just love them too much. 

They are all great and let me tell you about Nancy R’s sweet daughter…precious!! Smart as a whip that one.  Unfortunately this range does not allow children under the age of 7, so she was not able to shoot.  Big time bummer!!

We got 3 lanes and, of course, the generosity was in abundance…aka they let me shoot everything! 

I shot MSgt B’s Sig Pro and his Ruger SP 101 with .357 Magnum bullets.

 With his Sig

The lower shot on the left is where I was aiming his Ruger.  I shot 4 shots and got 2 on the white and 2 a little to the right in the black.  I am not entirely sure how far out this was, maybe 7 yards.

I also shot an HK P30 which I loved. A Kahr 9mm which I didn’t.  I shot a Walther of some sort. I shot a .22 with red dot something.  That was pretty cool!! I typed the names, calibers and who they belonged to in my phone, but between my hurrying and the iphone’s devilish spell check I can’t tell what I meant, so if I got something wrong, I apologize.

A couple of people shot my M&P and then we headed to a local coffee place where MSgt B treated us to a cup of coffee.  I really enjoy getting to know these people as much as I love to shoot and you all know how very much I love to shoot.

Had a blast.  Thanks so much for inviting me!!

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    • Yes. I’m thinking of moving from my G19 (which I shot at the class last weekend) to a G23. Was looking for advice on the G23 and possibly a trade. I have an M&P in .40, but it torques so bad in my hands that I wanted to try a different gun and maybe trade my G19.

    • Love the 23. It’s a nice size and it shoots like a Glock…well. We bought the 23 for me, but at the time I thought it was to big for me to conceal. Now, I know how to conceal a bigger gun, but at the time didn’t, so I went to the 27.

      You are more than welcome to shot our 23 if you would like.

  1. I like private range times… Senior took his Cetme Rifle once, and It kicked so hard, that I shot the actual bracket that holds the target..fortuantly I know a welder who repaired the bracket for the range free of charge… Needless to say I will never shoot that dang cetme indoors again…

  2. A Girl, it’s Broken Andy. MSgt B was just using his wit to tell me to calm down.

    I believe CTone’s Walther is a 1946 production Walther PPK in .32. Sweet gun. Looks gorgeous too. The .22 was a Ruger Mark III bull barrel with a Mueller red dot sight.

    And folks, she owned that SP101. I’ve shot it before and had trouble getting on paper. She drilled her target. It’s a harmless short barrel DAO, so no easy gun to master.

    • Excellent!!! Thanks for adding that info!! I thought The Walther was in .32, but I started to second guess myself!

      Thanks again! Had a blast with you today!

    • Yeah, I forgot to say it but I had a great time and really enjoyed it. And the coffee talk afterwards was terrific. You are really cool, as are the rest.

      Reading through your posts, I see you are thinking of getting up to 340 Defense with Proud Hillbilly. Let me know if you do. I’ve been meaning to get up there to check it out. Murphy’s Law is a great guy and perhaps one of the most knowledgeable gun bloggers around.

  3. It was nice to finally get a chance to meet you! I wish I could have stayed, but hopefully we’ll get a chance to do it again.

  4. Glad you decided to take action — part of your story was repeated over on forums and led some of us to come read your blogs.

    You would be most welcome if you visited there sometime.

    The folks there are very much into personal responsibility and protecting themselves and their families.


    • HerbM, thanking for stopping by. I popped on over to your forum. Lots of great info over there. I wish I didn’t have to use my real name to register:(.

      My post I Needn’t Have Worried talks more abou the kind of things you all talk about. My mindset is getting very strong. I can hit people now:)

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