A Milestone

The other day I was searching through my archives to find a post I wanted to link to and while doing that I realized it had been almost a year since I started writing this blog.  One year ago today to be exact.

I have often wondered, many times aloud on this blog, why I come here to share things that are so personal and why doing so has helped me so much.  There are the obvious reason of finding support and comfort and I have most certainly found that, but when I am overwhelmed by my emotions, the fist thing I do is come to my computer and write and when I am doing so I am not looking for anything.  I am writing what I think and what I feel, but not with an audience in mind and not with a purpose and yet, when I am done with a post, I feel comfort and calm.  Before a single response is posted, I feel a peace. Sometimes, later, I feel pangs of regret, but regardless of what I feel after I post, the act of writing the rawness of what I feel, gives me an instant reconciliation that propels me forward into a better, place.  The process of processing has kept me moving in a positive and empowering way.

There is something about writing…There is no judgement, at least not at the time of the writing.  No facial expression of displeasure or shock, no need to hold back as to not upset someone.  It is very self indulgent and selfish in a way.  I get to express what I am feeling right at that moment and it’s freeing. To be cliche, it’s cathartic.

No man or woman is an island and no one thing is the answer.  I am where I am today in my handing of a crisis(it was in my life, for me) because of a whole host of reasons to include this community of gunnies and bloggers, but writing has been as integral a part of that healing as anything else.

Thank you for giving me a safe place to do just that.

41 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. Congratulations,and you are welcome. Our pleasure. BTW, I have this wonderful blog of yours linked on mine. You make all of us older gunnies proud.

  2. Congrats on a year!

    I don’t think it’s self indulgent at all. Writing down the thoughts that are swirling around helps you to put everything together in a coherent matter. Helps to process and sort out reality from the unreality of emotions.

  3. Happy bloggobirthday! My …er….card is in the….um…yeah…its in the mail. *ahem*

    Writing does that. Its a great way to get out what’s inside. I find that my fingers are a LOT more eloquent than my yapper is. There’s some sort of disconnect between braincell and mouth that is not there between mind and fingers. I enjoy writing…just need to turn off the computer games long enough to get back into it. LOL I also have to salute you for posting such deeply personal thoughts/feelings online for all the world to see. Most of what I write gets saved in a Word doc on my computer, and emailed to two or three trusted friends, that’s it. Wish I had your confidence.

    • I don’t k ow if I would call it confidence. I don’t what I would call it.

      You are a very good writier. I like reading your posts, even though you rarely write one:)

    • Thanks, AGirl…means quite a bit, hearing (reading?) that coming from you. I tend to write something (usually containing sarcasm/dry humor, provided by the voices in my head), then start thinking about how maybe my ideas are off, or wrong, or I’m going about something the wrong way, or rambling incoherently and just pounding out disjointed thought-fragments and calling them sentences, etc etc (again, provided by the darn voices in my head…mainly the one with the European accent. That one’s just not right.). So they get shelved.

  4. I have to say that I am so glad that you started this blog. The day I found it I went back to the beginning and read all the posts. It is such a positive place and not only are you getting support, you are giving support to us newbies. Though I have never met you it feels like I have a friend in the blogger and weapons world. For that I am thankful since I do not have many around me with an interest in firearms or protecting themselves with them. Of course I am finding that most of the bloggers on here are very helpful and friendly….they are all so supportive. Keep up the blogging because your blog is a real treasure to read.

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  5. Hey There – Congrats!!! You’re doing a great job, providing solid info to a population looking experience, insight and a little fun thrown in! Looking forward to you 2nd!

  6. Congratulations on both your blogoversary and your continued healing.

    And don’t forget, you’ve helped many others in your little journey here as well!

    • It did fly by! I consider that a win. This year didn’t drag. It was hard, but no miserable and I am doing good!!

      It’s nice to have good people!

  7. Happy Blog-Day To You,

    Happy Blog-Day To You,

    Happy Blog-Day, you’re awesome,

    Happy Blog-Day To You!!!!!!!

  8. I’m with every one else. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!
    I love your writing. You have helped more people than you know. And we all are so thankful.

    Here is looking to the second year. Keep rockin.

  9. Thank you for sharing your adventure in gaining security. It makes me happy to see that your generosity in sharing your story has helped so many people.

    Happy Blogiversaryday!


    And I mean “birthday” because a new you was born with the first post.

    Congratulations! You don’t look a day over…..

  11. Awesome! I’ve been blogging since 2006. But this is the first time people actually started to read it haha. I guess I’m getting more interesting!

    I’m going to add you to my blog as one to read!

  12. I am a little late but happy day!!! You are a beautiful writer and such a joy to all who read you. Good day or bad the things you share bring hope to others who struggle with entering this world of guns or have to face some pretty scary fears and rough stuff. You bring strength to others thus increasing your own and that is a true gift. Keep it up girl!

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