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I have been working on 2 posts, but neither one is coming out exactly like I want, hopefully soon.  One is discussing things we have been doing to help E becoming more sure and more secure in herself and one is generally how we have prepared our children to live in a house with guns.  While you wait(cuz I know you are), you can read what I wrote for The GunDivas.

I was asked by The GunDivas to write a post on my latest training session and include a little bit about why I personally feel it necessary to do more than just point and shoot training.  I love The GunDivas, so, of course, I said yes.

If you are interested, my post will appear on their blog tomorrow. While you are there take some time to poke around.  You will find some very good posts!!!

7 thoughts on “The GunDivas

  1. I’m so excited to have you tomorrow!

    There is definitely a few things to think about when you have guns in the house with children. I didn’t worry too much because my gun was always on me or within arm’s reach when the kids were little. The gun was never unsupervised – not even when I went to the bathroom.

    Once the stalker issue got resolved, I didn’t carry all the time and my gun was rarely loaded. Eventually, I sold my guns. Then I started working at the gun shop and started rebuilding my gun collection. By that time, the kids were older and I taught them to shoot. I didn’t worry nearly as much about my kids as I did their friends. It’s for that reason that I have a gun safe – I know what teenagers are like, especially teenage boys.

  2. Yeah, what TJ said. I don’t know if I have it in me to read more about guns and stuff. 😉

    I can’t wait.

  3. I do tend to have a one track mind. Maybe I will throw in some female issues next time just to appeal to your vast variety of interests:)

  4. Great. Sitting here at church (choir practice), reading the above comments…now I have to try to clean the tea off my monitor, or explain why it shorted out! Thanks, Jennifer! LOL

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