What’s In a Name?

When I first started blogging, well, not at first, but several months into it as more and more bloggers were visiting and commenting here and I was visiting  their blogs more and more, the conversations with my husband started to take on a “Who’s On First?” kind of feel.

Me: Babe, I went over to Weer’d’s blog and he said…

Hubby:  Is that the guy from that black list thing?

Me: Nope, that’s North

Hubby:  Oh right, the one who took you shooting and let you shoot his wife’s 1911?.

Me:  No, no, that’s Newbius.

Hubby:  I can’t keep them straight. Your friends have strange names.  Is anyone just named Bob?  I am pretty sure that is why is his such a fan of going to the NC Gun Blog.  He can remember Sean.

Then a funny thing started to happen.  People started to give me nicknames.  AGHAG, AGirl, there were those few over on Reddit, but lets skip those.  Two of my favorite are Sweetie and Pretty Girl.  When I read those 2, it brings a smile to my face much like Garand.

So, the other day I was over at North’s blog and I read this.  In the comment section He and Weer’d were discussing their wives and referring to them as Mrs. North and Mrs. Weer’d, which reminded me of Grumpy.  Grumpy started calling my other have Mr. AGirl.

I was not entirely sure how my man would take to being called “AGirl” in any context.  So, I asked him…

Hubby:  Yeah, I’m gonna kick that guys ass. 

Pretty sure he was joking though.

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  1. It doesn’t get any easier. Been doin’ this for a long time and I have lots of friends on Facebook who I have no idea who they are, because I know them by their online handles not “Frank Williams”.

    Me? I’m kinda easy like that 😉

  2. Look, this is easy to solve. You are A Girl and he is your Gun. Therefore, call him Mr. Gun. Everyone will know exactly who you are, and he’ll like that name. 🙂

  3. I usually show up on various forums as “RabidAlien” (with the appropriate screenshot from “Lilo and Stitch”…near the beginning…with Stitch pointing his little guns at the frog…), but a lot of blogs require me to post using my Google account, so Kirk it is. I get called “Rabid” or “RA” most of the time. In real life, I get called everything from “Kirk” (not that often) to “Kurt” (more often) to “Chuck” (have no earthly idea where that came from). I have been called most everything ranging between four to seven letters, and respond to most. You know the saying…”a village idiot by any other name is still a village idiot.”

  4. Mrs. Weer’d liked that better than “Mrs. Beard”.

    Still now that we freely discuss her epilepsy, “Twitch” gets tossed around just as commonly, and people wonder why she puts up with me.

    My general rule is NOT to ask questions, and just roll with it!

  5. I’ve been running in various circles where people go by pseudonyms for a while. Try having a conversation with your grandmother where you tell her that you’re rooming with a girl that goes by the name “Dementia.” I guess the good news was that she didn’t start getting after me about living with a member of the opposite sex that I had no romantic interest in.

  6. My husbands YouTube handle is EVCrawfish (electric vehicle crawfish) yes he is Cajun and a mechanic (although he doesn’t have any car videos up just his knives and other assorted items) he started on YouTube looking at making his own electric vehicle. Anyway… So in his YouTube world I am Crawmama and the boys are the Crawbabies (Crawbaby 1, 2 and 3). I kinda like being a Crawmama – wish I could put it on a license plate….

  7. I was ( and still am in certain circles ) known as “Mavourneen” online that my husband has been referred to as “Mr. Mav” for many years now. He shrugs and takes it in stride. He prefers the anonymity, anyway – he’s not much into teh Interwebs, anyway…tell your man not to sweat it. My Marine doesn’t.

  8. Tell him it could be worse. I’m self titled The Minuteman. Guess what most of my search hits are for involving “minuteman”. One clue is it isn’t for a history lesson.

  9. No, no, no. He’s not “Mr.” AGirl, he’s “MAJ” AGirl. I am sure he didn’t spend 4 years in AGirl Military Academy to get called “Mr.” thank you very much!

  10. I’ll just call him Mr AG (or maybe MAJ AG?), surely he can’t fault me for that…and if he can, whaddaya do with an old squid anyway. 😉
    (don’t answer that)

  11. Too funny. Sweetie? Pretty Girl? I think that is adorable. I also think instead of explaining to Mrs. 45er I’ll just keep calling you Agirl. Also, “Mr. Agirl” is awesome.

  12. I’m with 45er on the sweety and pretty girl thing. My wife doesnt take well to that stuff and she has lots of guns. Saw her get very redneck on a waitress one time for calling me sweety and touching my hand.

  13. Tell Mr. AGirl it’s a sign of affection that the bloggers are even acknowledging him. Though I’m not sure how my husband would take it if he was referred to as Mr. GunDiva. Hmmm…I’ll have to ask.

    I think the reason he’s been able to avoid that monniker is because he has a blog name (RockCrawlinChef or RCC), so my blog folowers have a name to associate with him.

    My blog friend’s husband didn’t have a blog name, so he’s now referred to as Mr Mrs Mom. Best get your hubby one soon or he’ll be forever known as Mr AGirl.

  14. I could possibly get away with calling you Sweetie or Cutie or some other endearing term, but I’m also pretty sure that I’d be very lucky if my Honey only used a 2×4 on me.
    So I’ll stick to AGirl and consider myself safe.
    Speaking of how we got our names… my Honey gave me mine. Said it fits me perfectly. And Jim is the real name. 😉
    Shy III

    • I do not want anyone’s wife getting upset. I think those that have given me a nickname and their wives know where they came from. No one and I mean no one is crossing a line. I can promise you that.

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