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A while back Girls With Guns sent me an email and in it she mentioned how fun it would be for The Cornered Cat to come to Virginia. I told her I thought that would be great fun and I asked her if she wanted me to look into it. Of course, was her answer.

My plan was to have Kathy Jackson come to Culpeper and hold a class at John’s range.

I sent both John and Kathy an email to see if either of them were at all interested in doing a training. Both were and after months of working out all the details we have it set.

Cornered Cat Training will be held September 8-9 in Culpeper Virginia. This is a coed class. The cost of the 2 day course is $400 plus ammo. If you would like more information or if you are interested in attending you can email me at [email protected] I will send you the registration form. Once you return that form and make full payment, I will email you information on hotels in the area, directions to the range, supply list for the class, etc.

Payment can be made through the paypal button on this blog.

Stay tuned for some exiting news!!
                                                 Cornered Cat: Concealed Carry


The Cornered Cat: Concealed Carry – This two-day class provides 18 hours of classroom and range instruction, taking students from the shooting basics through intermediate skill levels. Discussion topics include how to choose and use holsters for concealed carry; gun safety; the self defense mindset; and legal aspects of using deadly force in self defense. On the range, participants will review the basics of defensive handgun work, beginning with the fundamentals of grip, stance, sights and trigger control. Once the fundamentals are covered, students learn to draw from concealment, reload, clear malfunctions, use cover, shoot with one hand only, use alternative aiming techniques, and shoot while moving. Prospective students must be familiar with their own firearms and be prepared to fire over 500 rounds during the weekend.


What happens in a Cornered Cat class? Lots of great stuff! In this two-day class, I work with people who are already basically familiar with their guns and help them reach a more confident skill level, so that handling the gun comes much more naturally to them. What do you do if the gun doesn’t fire when you expect it to? How do you reload it efficiently? Can you stay hidden behind a doorway or a piece of furniture and still hit a bad guy? Can you hit the target while moving away from danger, or in low light? Should you even try? These are the types of questions we deal with, because they teach us how we might use the gun in the real world, not just for plinking at the range. These are tough topics, but important ones. After all, the real world includes innocent bystanders. We owe it to them to learn real-life skills, so we don’t endanger others when we defend ourselves.

Speaking of the real world, my specialty is helping people find their own best carry method—the one that works with your actual lifestyle, not just something you can use on the range—so I bring a pile of holsters and other carry gear to class. We discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly concealed carry in a very no-nonsense and practical way. Cornered Cat isn’t afraid to tackle the embarrassing questions you might not feel comfortable asking elsewhere, either! I know you have a life outside the range, and that you don’t want to look all lumpy and bulgy, so I help you find a carry method that truly works for the way you actually live and we discuss the nitty-gritty of making that work for you.

Why am I offering a class like this? For most people, wouldn’t a basic concealed carry class be enough? I sure don’t think so. I think regular people truly need to learn more, and become better prepared to keep themselves safe and keep others safe. People who have known me awhile know how seriously I take my decision to carry, and how hard I worked to learn the things I felt I needed to know in order to do that safely. Without exaggerating, I can tell you that I’ve spent the last ten years of my life getting to a place where I could turn around and share those things with you—that’s how strongly I believe that every person who owns a gun for self defense should know how to use it well. Using it well means you are less likely to endanger others and more likely to protect your own life without getting hurt.

My goal: by the end of this class, each student will be prepared to confidently, safely, and efficiently practice the techniques she is most likely to need if a criminal attacks her. After all, if a woman ever needs to use the gun for real, she should be able to think about how to solve the problem rather than fumbling around with her holster or wasting precious brain cells trying to remember how to manipulate the gun.

Although it’s a serious topic and you will learn useful skills, we’re also going to have a lot of fun together, and I don’t want you to miss out.

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  1. Believe me – I am considering it but its a loooong drive from Michigan and not sure the budget could withstand it! I am sure you won’t have any problems filling it up though! 🙂

  2. Are there Prerequisite classes? I would really like to come but would have to be a family trip since we will have a new baby – will have to see how things are looking!

  3. Please change the font color in the “Short” section, it is unable to be read unless highlighted. (Black font on black background doesn’t work so well.
    Great blog BTW love following your story.

  4. Awesome!!! I’m like Glas, though…its a long way from Texass, especially with gas prices the way they are (although I think our 3-year-old would LOVE to go to the range with us…she gets excited handling the [verified unloaded] handguns that we currently have in the house). Maybe we can get Kat out here to Dallass sometime….now, THAT would be a fun weekend!

  5. A 10 hour drive is nothing. Try driving from near Birmingham, AL to Denver, Colorado. 🙂 From where I am, it is about a 12-13 hour drive (shorter if my right foot gets heavy). 🙂

    To me, this is worth it. Email incoming!

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