A New Adventure

Friday morning I am heading to Tennessee for a 2 day shooting course at Range Master taught by Kathy Jackson.

I am really excited about heading out on this trip.  I will be experiencing a whole bunch of firsts. It is the first time I will be flying with a firearm.  I have been reading and checking the rules on how to do this and Tom at Range Master did give me the sound advice of NOT walking up to the counter and saying “I have a gun.”  Seems obvious, but I am little nervous, so I am glad he thought to mention it.

It is also the first time I will be training with anyone other than John.  It will be my first time training without my handy dandy back up man aka my husband.  It is the first time I have ever traveled by myself.  I know, crazy, but true.  I have flown by myself to meet friends, but I have never flown by myself to a new destination and done the whole deal on my own.

Surprisingly, except for the flying part, I am calm, not nervous at all and really looking forward to learning, improving and meeting some new people.  It’s gonna be fun, fun, fun!

My husband has a friend who is a retired Marine and former sniper.  He is lending me some of his gear, which is crazy cool.  I am hoping some of his mad dog skills are captured in the fibers and will be released to me once I strap on his holster. I think proficiency has something to do with practice and technique, but a girl can dream.

I have been working on some exciting things for the past couple of months that I will be sharing with you when I get back.  Can’t wait!

I am thinking I will not be blogging much for the next 3 or 4 days, but will probably have time to pop an update or two on my FB, if you are interested.   I hope you do pop on over and leave me a comment or two.  I have grown very fond of reading your blogs and seeing what is going on in your lives and hearing what you have to say about mine.  I will miss that.

Otherwise, I will chat with you when I get back.  Have a fabulous time!  Stay Safe!!

21 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. I’m jealous as well!! Can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! I’d love to take training with Kathy someday perhaps next year. I’ve read her Cornered Cat book and follow her on Facebook…she keeps us very well informed. Have fun and travel safe!

  2. This is sooooo cool!!! You are going to have such a good time! And you will learn much I’m sure. I’ve never met Kathy, but her writings indicate she is a very knowledgeable and wise person.

    There is no doubt in my mind you will benefit greatly from this experience.

    Am looking forward to the AAR!!

  3. AGirl, have a great and safe trip. I’ll be sure to ask for an extra angel to be sitting on your shoulders (they ain’t heavy so you won’t feel them, but they’ll be there).
    Looking forward to the After Action.
    Shy III

  4. Kathy is literally the best at what she does. One could do no better than to learn from her. Have a wonderful time.

  5. That is wonderful! I am SO excited for you!! I know you will have a great time learning/shooting/embarking on this adventure solo…it is a mini vacation! Safe travels and have FUN!! We’ll be waiting to hear all about it… 😉

  6. Have a great time with the new experiences. I too am looking for a multi-day handgun course to adjust the skills I currently have, so getting feedback from those who have been is like eating candy. Good luck and safe shooting.

  7. Sounds like fun! I can’t wait to hear which class of theirs you took. Have you checked out ProShooters in Richmond?

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