It’s Valentines Day!!

My day has been crazy busy doing the mom thing.  I love to celebrate holidays.  Actually, I love any reason to do something special for the people I love.  Not that I need one.  I have been known to throw pancake parties in the middle of the night with full on crystal goblets filled with orange juice and french toast served on my best China for no other reason than we couldn’t sleep, but still I love the formality of a day that I get to spoil those that matter to me.  Point being, I have been busy trying to make this a special day for my kiddos to include time at their school and so I have not had much time to do anything else, BUT, I did make time to go to Starbucks.

I like for my 13 year to learn the lessons of life by example, so I kept her home this morning and she ran up to our local Starbucks to grab a cup of joe with me.

This, like most pictures of me is dorky, but hey, I didn’t have time for a photo shoot.  Being subtle is very important to me, so I opened carried, wore my 2nd Amendment shirt and a necklace made from a bullet.

Once at the counter the manager came over and asked “what us fine ladies were up to”.  I responded that we were here to support our local Starbucks.  She said, “I am good with that”  “Appreciate your business” and smiled.  Excellent!

As my daughter and I waited for our order I noticed an older gentleman checking out my backside.  I was flattered for a second, but then realized it was my Glock that caught his eye.  Here was our discussion…

Him-That is a pistol on your hip.

Me- Yes, it is.

Him- Scary.

Me- It’s not scary.  I know how to use it, your safe.

Him- I bet.

He looked very uncomfortable and honestly like he was afraid.  A few minutes later he started to talk to me again.

Him- Can I ask you a question?

Me- Sure.

Him- I heard that these places are gonna allow beer and wine pretty soon, would you be allowed to bring that gun in here if they do?

Me- Yes, in Virginia I would be allowed to carry my gun into a place that serves alcohol, but that might not be the case in other states, depends on their laws.  Of course, it would be irresponsible for someone to be drunk and have a gun and I am not aware of any gun owners that would behave in such an irresponsible way.

He smiles, looks at my gun again, smiles at me, looks at my daughter, grabs his coffee and says thanks.

My son and his his wife went to a different Starbucks and that manager was not aware that anyone was boycotting or buycotting them. 

I went to 2 other locations and one also was not aware of any boycott/buycott and the other one was only aware of the buycott.  That manager had no clue that it was spurred by the anti gun people trying to strong arm them.  I am gonna call that a win for my town.

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25 thoughts on “It’s Valentines Day!!

  1. I had to settle for a Starbucks located inside a grocery store, which is better than nothing I guess.

    The smoothie was so-so but the effort felt good.

  2. LOL,loved your “subtleties”! 😀 My son & I went for breakfast, after stopping at the bank for a pile of $2 bills. The $2 bills brought inquiries and allowed some good conversation. The person taking my order said her brother called her this morning and asked her if business was slow and told her about the boycott. She said she told him, “We live in the midwest; I don’t think that boycott is gonna do well here!” She hadn’t know about the Starbucks Appreciation/Support 2nd Ammendment Day but had been wondering about the $2 bills. She was pleasantly surprised and said she was from a family of shooters/hunters, and thanked me for my support. Apparently, they were as busy as always today! 🙂

    • That is a neat day!! Sounds fun!

      We didn’t do the $2 bill thing just because my bank is on the other side of town and I couldn’t get there this week. Still is was a good day!!

  3. I’ve always felt that there’s no point to having fine china, crystal, or sterling silver utensils if all they do is sit in a cabinet or drawer gathering dust.

  4. neither of the two stores in my area knew anything untoward was going on. i bought the cheese danish anyway. it was delish. 🙂

    • The prices are insane and we rarely go, but it’s a fun treat for my daughter and I once in a while. I also like my coffee strong, so I make it in a French press, so I started buying Starbucks ground coffee at my local grocery store.

  5. I went all frothy and caramelly for mine and got a box-o-coffee to go for some co-workers. I can’t wait to see Starbuck’s numbers.

  6. I would have done this on my way to work, but I work on a government site where I can’t carry. I don’t have a safe in my vehicle yet, so there was no way I could store it safely.

    I’m glad to see people being open to this. Kudos to you on informing the afraid gentleman of responsible gun ownership. Who knows, he could have been a die-hard anti, and your thought out, responsible replies may have convinced him just a little bit that not all pro 2nd Amendment supporters fit the stereotype the Brady Bunch likes to portray us as being.

    • My husband has that same issue from time to time. He has a car safe, but neither of us are very thrilled to leave a loaded gun in an unattended car…frustrating!

  7. I went to two different Starbucks in Charlotte NC to show my support. Left a note for the store manager letting them know how much I appreciate Starbucks not taking sides, but following state and local laws regarding legal open and concealed carry.

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