Can you believe it is almost time to draw our winner??  This has been so much fun for me!!

Here is the plan-I will stop accepting entries at midnight on February 3rd.  I will be in bed by then, so when I get up on Saturday, February 4th, I will check my email to see if anyone entered by the deadline. If there is a valid entry I will enter their name, then do the drawing. I am going to video tape the drawing, but I am not going to post the video with the winner because some people have emailed and did not want their name revealed.  I am hoping that the winner will let us all share in her journey and let me blog about it, but I did state that there were no strings attached.  This winner could win the prize, collect and ride off into the sunset.  In keeping my word, I will draw the name, notify the winner and see what she says about letting me, let everyone know.  The only exception is for those of you that left a comment on the blog with no way for me to contact you, if you win, I will have to post your “screen” name in order to notify you. 

Once I notify the winner, she will then contact each of the additional prize donors and work out how to collect her goods.  A couple of donors have contacted me and we have already worked out a system such as an electric gift certificate from

I will do the drawing at 8am on Saturday, February 4th and promptly notify the winner by email.  As soon as she gets back to me, I will let you all know. 

I honestly wish I could hand out more training prizes. Each one of you are remarkable to take this step forward and I pray that you will find a way to get trained this year regardless of the outcome of this Give-A-Way.


P.S….As I have already mentioned I thought this would be a little 20 person thing, easy peasy.  It grew to over 200, which thrills me to no end, except that I was unprepared and therefore, didn’t set this up properly.  I am hoping to make this an annual event(I can not promise any additional prizes, but I would like to offer the training to one lady every year until, hopefully, forever:) and trust me I will make many changes.  One being I will assign everyone a number next time, draw the number, post the number and that way, everyone will know right away, but can still be anonymous if they so choose. 

7 thoughts on “Give-A-Way

  1. You are so caring! If the winner is comfortable giving me an address, I will order the earmuffs and have them sent directly, otherwise, I can send them to you to combine and forward (and a few dollars for postage) unless the lucky winner is in Virginia! 🙂

    Thanks for doing this, I know that whoever wins will be blessed by the generosity of the community and by you for such as great idea and your own tremendous generosity!

  2. No doubt. I’m glad it exceeded your expectations 100 times over. It says a lot about your ability to communicate and make people comfortable. I’m so happy this turned out the way it did. Is there any particular thing missing from the package? Any glaring omissions like a spare mag holder? Maybe a Lula loader for handgun mags? If you don’t have one, they are awesome for extended range trips and classes. If you get an AR, one is a must.

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