The Give-A-Way

Just wanted to do a quick update.  We have 2 more prizes donated by 2 more fabulous people. 

Bill  over at Eastern Iowa Firearms training has donated a class for the winner and her friend if the winner either lives in Iowa or is willing to travel there.  That is in addition to the $300 I am donating.  That’s a lot of training folks.

I, again, want to reiterate that all of this donations are going to a single winner and that all of them have come from the kind hearts of these fine people.  I have only solicited one prize.  All the rest have connected me and asked if they could contribute…THAT ROCKS!!

About that one that I solicited, a few days ago, I made a comment on my FaceBook about how much I was enjoying the Remora Holster, but was kind of bummed that I had misplaced my single mag pouch.

A few minutes later Jacqui Reilly from Remora posts a comment, “send me your address and I will send you a new one.”

What?  I didn’t even know she followed my FB haps.  Very cool.

I emailed her right a way and told her I would be happy to pay for my magazine pouch, but would she be at all interested in donating one of their fine holsters for the Give-A-Way.

Her answers, Absolutely!  We would love to!


Also, a few days ago, I got an email from the gentleman that runs the Weapon Blog, a blog that list all the contests, raffles, give-a-ways, etc.

He has listed our little Give-A-Way.  Again, very cool!!!  He has a lot of great contests listed, so if you haven’t already, head on over and see if there is anything you would like to try for.

At the time I checked out his list, I noticed we are the only ones under the heading of training.

I am not sure if anyone else has given away trainings before, but I am starting to suspect that it is not something that has been done a lot.

Since we all know how important training is, I was a little surprised, so I am aiming to change that.  I have a few things I am working on and lets just see if we can not make training a priority prize. 

If you know of a group, blog, organization that is offering training as a prize please let me know and also let the Weapon Blog people know, so it can be listed there.

On a personal note, I was over visiting ZerCool’s blog and he has a post about needing prayers.  I do not have any details as it is none of my business, but I would appreciate you all heading over there, giving him some words of encouragement and if you are the praying kind, pray.

Good luck to everyone for whatever contest you choose!  Have a great day!  I am off to my real life!

4 thoughts on “The Give-A-Way

  1. Thanks for the link and thoughts, AGAHG. Not much else I can say about that. Just thank you.

    And by the by … thank YOU for all you’re doing here.

  2. I have been following your contest and just want to say it is a great thing you are doing for some lucky gal.

    I grew up with shotguns in the corner and pistols on the nightstand. I married a man who loves to hunt and shoot. Guns have always been in my life and I never realized until much later in life that a lot of other people were just not raised that way . So I am glad when others join our ranks and people like you make it possible. You share a powerful story with others who may be considering arming themselves for protection for not only themselves but the ones they love as well.

  3. Kirk, Iowa is a supplemental prize. The $300 can go toward any reputable beginners gun training. I am sure there are plent to choose from in Texas:)

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