Not Surprised

So, I was at Weer’d’s place today and I read this, so I went and checked it out what Joan had to say.

I am not really confrontational and by not really, I mean, NOT AT ALL, and this will probably be the last time I go trolling in the anti cesspool, but she was talking about a vigil that I took part in and I thought I should at least attempt, one time to voice my feelings directly to her instead of just here safely behind 7000(that’s how many of you have come to see me today) of my closest gun friends.

This is how it went…

I said- I am a victim of violence. I was standing in a parking lot, traumatized with my 7 year old daughter. It was not a good day. I participated in the candle light vigil along with my gun because if, God forbid, another awful man comes at me, I have no intention of taking a chance that the next time he just might get my daughter. I hate violence. I hate being a victim. I hate be vulnerable, but what I hate more is having someone tell me I don’t have the right to fight back. This was not a mocking. It was a peaceful way to say it takes more than a candle to stop the bad guy.

She said- No one says you don’t have a right to fight back. If you truly believe there are too many victims and actually lit a candle for that reason, then you believe what I believe. Otherwise, you are mocking. No one said candles would stop anything. You totally missed the point of the whole thing- on purpose I would add.

I said-This will be my last comment, but I do find it interesting that for a group that claims to care so much about people, you didn’t offer me one bit of concern. You didn’t say, gee that must have been hard or I am sorry for your daughter. You just said I missed the point. I think I got it. Loud and clear. Me, the person, the victim, doesn’t matter at all to you.

She said- Nothing.  She didn’t post it.  She has posted other comments and 2 other posts, so I am thinking she is not gonna post it.  

I was over at Newbie Shooter’s place and read this.  I like what he has to say much better.

17 thoughts on “Not Surprised

  1. That is exactly it. You’ve uncovered the fraud that they hide. “Gun victims” are nothing more than people that they use for their own agenda. You are valuable to them only if you are beaten and weak. They then twist you to their purpose – controlling others.

    Once you are strong – even a little stronger than a completely submissive weakling – you are stronger than they are. They have no use for you.

    To hell with your fear. To hell with your nightmares and your hurt. Those mean nothing to them if you are not their patsy. Be their tool and they will parade you around for their own gain. Show backbone, and you become insignificant.

    Thank God you are now more than what they want you to be.

  2. If I had 99% to do with it, I would be phenomenally proud. If I had 0.00001% to do with it – equally proud.

    I have to think that for the anti-rights people it is much like Munchausen by Proxy. They need to keep their victims as victims to achieve their selfish goals.

    Us beer guzzling rednecks bend over backward to help heal the victim and help until they walk tall.

  3. Aw, shucks, AGAHG. Thanks for stopping by.

    We don’t mock. We cajole. We encourage. We implore. But we don’t mock.

  4. Hmm. I have Disqus set up so I can keep track of comments, edit my replies, etc. If you create a login for it (which takes about 30 seconds) you shouldn’t have further problems.

    Also, thanks for following my blog!

  5. 🙂 I just love the hostile nature of these “anti-violence” types. Good thing they’re scared witless of guns. Best they just project their instabilities onto the rest of society and leave guns alone.

  6. Thanks for relating this “conversation”. It provides further evidence of my earlier comment on another post. For hardcore antis it’s all about power – power fed by others’ fear and sense of helplessness. You failed to feed her drive for power, instead used experience and logic. As others here have said, she doesn’t care a lick for victims that don’t serve her desire for power over them. You were once ensnared by them, but now you’re free and empowered!

  7. Well, let’s just disarm every law abiding citizen then. That will leave just criminals with the guns. That will make us sooo much safer. How many dictators throughout history have used gun control to commit genocide? You want less victims? Teach people how to take care of themselves instead of looking to the government to do it for you.

    That’s what I posted on the nitwits blog. She’s warped like the rest of the liberals who think tighter gun control makes us all safer. Dumbass.

  8. You know, it’s funny, but the pacifists I’ve known have tended to speak in very violent metaphors. I always wondered if they were sublimating.

    Because let’s face it — as a species, we did not evolve as pacifists. We evolved as warriors. “Turn the other cheek” was revolutionary, precisely because it went against human nature. Pacifists are people who have let their smarts override their instincts.

    No doubt a pacifist would say that she’d rather let her pacifistic intellect rule over her animal nature. But the attackers have no such qualms, do they?

    AGAHG, what a wonderful blog! The strength you’ve shown in response to the events in your life has been truly amazing. But even more so is your willingness to share it with the world, and strengthen other people thereby. God bless you, and grant you peace… and safety.

    Daniel in Brookline

  9. I understand where some of these folks are coming from but so many of them have unattainable goals. I have actually read where some said no guns=no violence. Really? A man intent on rape and murder (forget knives and such for a minute) will take you out with his bare hands. As tough as I like to think I am, I am not stupid, a man could take me out easily. I would like nothing more than to find guns unnecessary, but in this world….it is not happening.

  10. heh. i bet those ancient Romans feel pretty silly about now after conquering about 1/5 of the world without a single gun. used swords, spears and catapults, they did! i bet if they had guns they’d have caused some major damage. speaking of ancient history, did you know that the city of Rome had a “no knife ordinance”? it’s true. no one could carry a knife of sword, other than household implements, on the streets of Rome, for, get this…public safety! how well did it work? about as well as one would expect. only the thieves had knives and night time in the old Imperial City was no picnic. heck the vigiles (a combined police and fire department) had to carry wooden batons on duty and so were frequently “out knifed” by the opposition. someone ought to write a book about this….

  11. Bingo. Of course she won’t post it. You owned her in a very poignant way that would expose everything. And don’t worry. More people will see your comment here on your relatively new blog than over at her place. I think most of their traffic consists of our side checking up on them. 🙂

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